Question: What’s the best way to report on machines with failed deployments within a given date range? I’m looking to increase reporting to better handle failed deployments, and don’t see the Deployments Table as something I can query using the SQL Report builder in Inventory: 2:35

Question: Our software deployment strategy is to schedule deployments to different OUs at different times/days, hence we end up having to duplicate scheduled jobs. However, when using the duplicate functions in PDQ Deploy it does not copy the “Packages”. Is this deliberately set this way for precautionary reasons? 5:28

Question: We are still using Windows XP. We moved most of them into VMware Workstation Player driven VMs. Due to some issues with the bridge network, we had to switch the network mode to NAT. Unfortunately we cannot use PDQ Inventory to scan these machines. Creating NAT rules could be possible. Is it possible to configure the PDQ Inventory scanner to use different ports to scan? 7:51

Question: Does installing the Adobe Flash for PPAPI automatically create a manual update for pepper flash environment or are there settings that should be set? 9:08

Question: We are currently in a huge PC replacement. Right now I have a script that executes scanstate ( USMT) on the old machine and copies the .mig file to any new PC where loadstate is executed. This is done within a vbs script that opens popup windows to receive the client names. Within Deploy I could start the whole process on the target but I need a way to give the commands to the target PC without editing the whole package. Is there a way to initiate a popup window in deploy to receive the parameters? 11:43

Question: Is there an easy way to add/remove 64 bit ODBC user DSN sources within PDQ Deploy? 14:24

Question: I am in the process of turning Windows 10 Fastboot off as its causing issues with the Uptime counters and not doing a clean shutdown. Do you have a query that shows if this has been disabled? 16:57

Question: Is it okay to run Spiceworks and PDQ Inventory from the same server? I noticed Spiceworks in the preferences but have not linked either PDQ Inventory or Deploy to our Spiceworks server. Benefits? 18:56

Question: Is there a way for Auto Reports to only send when there is data in the report? For example; a report for servers that are low on disk space. If no servers meet the low disk space setting in the report the report would be blank. Any way to not send the report then? Same for tracking software upgrades. 20:23

Question: Our PDQ Inventory/Deploy server needs access to an isolated network. Is there a comprehensive list of the ports we need to open for all features including Wake-on-LAN? 21:26

Question: Aside from enabling WOL in the BIOS and disabling Deep Sleep, have you seen any good scripts to