We Have a New Support Site If you head on over to support.pdq.com, you may notice a redirect to our new support site. Here’s a quick recap of some of the new features, and changes that could impact you. New Features Shinier theme Better organization Better search No more separate logins for the support site […]

Time to Catch up with PDQ & A You may already know that during each weekly webcast you have an opportunity to submit your questions and have them answered live during the show. PDQ & A is different in that the whole show is one long question and answer session. You have our undivided attention […]

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory version 18 is now available for download. This version comes with some highly requested features. To enable alerts for newly released versions of PDQ products, click Options > Preferences > Alerts (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select both Auto Update Check Enabled and Release Channel. Once saved, click A new version is available in the status bar to […]

Last week Lex and Jason walked us through some best practices for performance tuning PDQ Deploy and Inventory. Lex admittedly jokes that in the process of illustrating best practices, he might show you some worst practices too….well if the shoe fits, right? But in all seriousness, the purpose of this recap is to help you […]

Last week Shane and Jordan walked you through some of the newest features in Deploy 18 and Inventory 18. Don’t worry if you missed out. You are in good hands and can catch up in this post. You can even watch the webcast below if that is more your thing. Introduction to Deploy 18 Option […]

Joining two tables using SQL makes it possible to combine data from two (or more) tables based on a similar column between the tables. The JOIN clause will affiliate rows that have matching values in both tables from the column being joined on and render the results across rows in the result set.  There are […]

FOG is a fantastic tool and while we would really need two hours or more to show you how it can most benefit you in your environment, last week’s webcast is a good place to start and get your feet wet. In the webcast, Lex and Kris show you how to create and use Snapins […]

“I love spending twice as long and working twice as hard to get half as much done!” – Nobody ever. Everybody loves shortcuts and time savers. I think this goes twofold for the aggravation that comes with managing computers. Enter PowerShell! Though there are many great scripting languages out there, we’re going to spend our […]

Intel recently fixed a vulnerability with the Intel Processor Identification Utility (advisory here).   You may not think this software is on your network, but are you certain? With PDQ Inventory you can be certain! Find all installs of Intel Processor Identification Utility with PDQ Inventory Let’s scan for all applications installed on all our […]