Last week’s webcast catered to all you PowerShell junkies. It was one you don’t want to miss so if you did, here’s your recap. Let the PowerShell Games Begin! Calculated properties. :32 Question: How do you abbreviate PowerShell? PoSh, posh, PS or ps? 8:57 Question: What is the best, most secure way to start a […]

PDQ & A is always a fan favorite. Check out what you may have missed last week right now. It’s almost as if you were there and haven’t missed a beat! Have questions? Well, we have answers! Question: So why does PDQ Deploy’s Package Library not offer a package to update Deploy and Inventory? :27 […]

What? You say you missed our last webcast? Well no mess no stress…we got you covered! Last week Lex and Kris took us through uninstalling applications. Now, uninstalls are generally pretty easy to do but lucky for you Lex and Kris point out some things you might not know. Lex kicked things off by moving […]

Never fear your webcast recap is here! Last week Lex and Jordan ran us through how to automate a package that isn’t in our Package Library. There were some caveats and things that you need to follow, so make sure you pay attention…don’t even blink because you might miss something good. And ironically Lex and […]

TL;DR The bad: We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products. The good: We are working to build a more reliable foundation that will handle all the features, tools, and awesome ideas we have for both single and multi-admin customers; this includes researching a possible […]

We Have a New Support Site If you head on over to, you may notice a redirect to our new support site. Here’s a quick recap of some of the new features, and changes that could impact you. New Features Shinier theme Better organization Better search No more separate logins for the support site […]

Time to Catch up with PDQ & A You may already know that during each weekly webcast you have an opportunity to submit your questions and have them answered live during the show. PDQ & A is different in that the whole show is one long question and answer session. You have our undivided attention […]

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory version 18 is now available for download. This version comes with some highly requested features. To enable alerts for newly released versions of PDQ products, click Options > Preferences > Alerts (or press Ctrl+Comma) and select both Auto Update Check Enabled and Release Channel. Once saved, click A new version is available in the status bar to […]

Last week Lex and Jason walked us through some best practices for performance tuning PDQ Deploy and Inventory. Lex admittedly jokes that in the process of illustrating best practices, he might show you some worst practices too….well if the shoe fits, right? But in all seriousness, the purpose of this recap is to help you […]