Tax Forms

IRS Form W9 (US Customers)

Download our signed IRS Form W9

Form W9 is available to US customers who need certification of withholding exemption.

IRS Form 6166 (Non-US Customers)

Download our IRS Form 6166

Form 6166 is available to customers outside of the United States who require proof of corporate residency.

Tax Exempt Status

Is your organization tax-exempt? To obtain a sales tax-exempt order, please send your order request, along with your tax exemption certificate and EIN/TAX ID number to [email protected].

We are required to keep a valid exemption certificate on record from all of our customers who claim sales tax exemption in certain states and cities.

If we do not have a properly completed certificate on file, we are obligated to bill and collect sales tax applicable to your state's tax law requirements.