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PDQ Deploy

A software deployment tool used to keep Windows PCs up-to-date without bothering the end users. Learn more

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Run and deploy common scripts like .vbs, .reg, .bat, and .ps1

Choose from hundreds of packages in the library or create your own

Silently deploy to all of your machines in just minutes from your desk

PDQ Inventory

A systems management tool for tracking and organizing hardware, software, and Windows configuration data. Learn more

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Gather hardware and software info for all your PCs in minutes

Easily launch remote desktop, remote command, reboot/shutdown, WoL, event viewer, & more

Quickly and easily run reports on gathered data


Licensing is based solely on the number of living breathing admins actually using the software.


The Package Library contains common applications that are ready to download and silently deploy right from within PDQ Deploy.

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Remote, silent deployments
Over 250 ready-to-deploy common applications
Create custom multi-step deployments
Deploy to computers & groups in Active Directory, Spiceworks,and PDQ Inventory
Remotely execute commands and scripts (PowerShell, VB, .bat)
Manually run deployment reports
Reboot or shutdown computers remotely
Integration with Active Directory for gathering computer data
Manually initiate inventory scans for hardware & software
View reports of computer inventory data
View curated groupings of computers using our Collection Library
Create custom groupings of computers
Access to pre-built tools and scripts
Community support
Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
Schedule deployments
Intelligent deployments (selective PDQ conditions)
Deployment status emails
Nest packages for multi-application deployments
Schedule scans of hardware & software inventory
Scan hardware & software automatically after a deployment
Scan Files, WMI, and Windows Registry
Scan just about everything else with the PowerShell Scanner
Track custom data, like asset information
Uninstall software
Command Line Interface (CLI) access
Deploy to offline machines when they reconnect
Integration with Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)
Throttle bandwidth
Automatic patch management: download, schedule,and deploy
Queue failed deployments for automatic retry
Deployment history collected in Inventory
Save and/or email reports of inventory data on a schedule
Share server/database with other consoles on the same license
Priority email support
1Paid is required to unlock full functionality.
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