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SmartDeploy: Modern PC imaging, powered by PDQ

Simplified PC provisioning and device management for a modern, distributed workforce.

Woman on desktop computer
Woman on desktop computer

Endless customization and control, from the comfort of your desk

Computer imaging 

Maintain a single golden Windows image. Our unique layered approach separates drivers, operating systems, applications, and user data to streamline and scale setup.  

SmartDeploy deploy image featureSmartDeploy deploy image feature

Driver management 

Deploy your centralized golden image to any PC in your organization with our library of over 1500 Platform Packs that cover all major manufacturers.

Driver Management interfaceDriver Management interface

Endpoint management 

Deliver images, software, scripts, and drivers to devices over wired or wireless connections, remote or onsite. Or deploy via your cloud storage provider — no VPN required.

Desktop computer and laptop end-to-end managementDesktop computer and laptop end-to-end management

New product, same PDQ principles you know and love.

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Determine the manufacturers and models you support, and we’ll handle drivers from there.

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Build your image containing the Windows operating system, patches, and settings you need.

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Pick the software for specific users or departments from our prebuilt Application Library.

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Save the user data layer via cloud storage — or capture a point-in-time backup to your network.

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