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SimpleMDM: Apple device management, powered by PDQ

Securely update, monitor, and license devices in a matter of minutes — all while staying on top of Apple updates automatically.

Use SimpleMDM for your Apple device management
Use SimpleMDM for your Apple device management

Streamlined and simple — no matter the number of devices you manage. 

Flexible enrollment 

SimpleMDM supports automated enrollment, enables BYOD setups, and offers a host of other enrollment options for new and existing devices. 

SimpleMDM DEP settings for flexible enrollmentSimpleMDM DEP settings for flexible enrollment

Advanced configuration

Our software helps teams reach deep configuration customization and workflow automation, leading to "real-time" fleet visibility. 

SimpleMDM OS update policy restrictions to allow application installationSimpleMDM OS update policy restrictions to allow application installation

Robust Munki integration 

Enable your macOS users to self-install software not available in the App Store or native MDM channel, freeing up your valuable time. 

SimpleMDM robust munki integration SimpleMDM robust munki integration

New product, same PDQ principles you know and love.

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Keep your users’ devices unencumbered. With SimpleMDM, there’s no agent required on end-user devices. 

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Apple Apps and Books (formerly VPP) users can assign company-owned licenses — with or without an Apple ID. 

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Automatically reinstall profiles after OS updates — with early detection for certificate issues and other complications.

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SimpleMDM validates macOS distribution package signing and construction — eliminating potential issues. 

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