Deploy software quickly with PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool that allows admins to silently install almost any application or patch.

  1. Integrates with Active Directory, Spiceworks, PDQ Inventory, and more
  2. Installs to multiple computers simultaneously
  3. Shows real-time status
  4. Installs just about anything
  5. Agentless

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Inventory computers with PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory scans your computers and collects hardware, software, and Windows configurations. In addition, PDQ Inventory allows you to run scan inventory reports, boot machines from Wake-On LAN, execute commands and remote desktop on target machines, and many other features.

  1. Scans for installed software and hardware on each computer
  2. Creates reports on what’s installed on your network
  3. Organizes computers into collections that make sense to you
  4. Really cool admin tools allow you to perform tasks on your computers
  5. Integrates with PDQ Deploy

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