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Competitive Pricing

Free Modes

$ 0


  • PDQ Deploy
  • Ready-to-deploy applications (limited access)
  • Create single-step installations
  • PDQ Inventory
  • Track software & hardware
  • Basic groupings of computer info
  • Run reports

PDQ Deploy

$ 500

per year, per admin

  • Ready-to-deploy applications (full access)
  • Schedule deployments
  • Automate patch management
  • Create multi-step installations (scripts, file copies, reboots, messages, etc.)
  • Shared database…more

PDQ Inventory

$ 500

per year, per admin

  • Insanely detailed groupings of computer info
  • Schedule scans of computer data
  • Add computers based on Active Directory setup
  • Remotely uninstall software
  • Scan files and registries
  • Save and schedule reports
  • Shared database …more

Better Together

PDQ Deploy+PDQ Inventory

  • Deploy to offline computers when they reconnect
  • Scan computers after deployment
  • Integration with LAPS
  • Distributed Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
  • Deploy to dynamic groupings of computers in PDQ Inventory

Enterprise SL

$ 15,000

per server, per year

Unlimited Admins

  • Everything in Enterprise
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions (admins) on a single server
  • Sessions can include end users and other non-admins, for example, through a web portal
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Frequently asked questions

One license per admin.

Our products are licensed per user of the software. We are subscription based, so the licenses cost the same each year. Licenses are not based on the number of managed computers or the number of PDQ consoles, it is only based on the number of living, breathing admins who use our software. Example: If you install a PDQ product onto a single server and three individuals use the software, you would require a license for three users (sorry, no sharing).

Offline machines can be monitored with our Heartbeat feature (Enterprise only) and updated as soon as they come online.

We’re not exactly sure. We’ve never been able to get close enough to him with a measuring stick or tape. We’ll keep you updated if that ever changes.