Latest Releases

Release builds are our most rigorously tested and contain new features and bug fixes.

To only be notified of release builds within the product, navigate to Options > Preferences (or Ctrl+,) click Alerts and select Release Channel.

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Deploy and Inventory logos
Deploy and Inventory logos

Beta builds

These builds are tested more rigorously than nightly builds, however, can still potentially contain bugs. To only be notified of beta builds within the product, navigate to Options > Preferences (or Ctrl+), click Alerts and select Beta Channel.

PDQ Deploy Beta
PDQ Inventory Beta
Beta Builds - Changelog

Nightly builds

These builds receive limited testing and can potentially contain bugs. As such, we do not recommend installing in a production environment, unless by the direction of support staff.

PDQ Deploy Nightly
PDQ Inventory Nightly
Nightly Builds - Changelog

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