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Deploy custom or prebuilt packages, streamline IT tasks, and manage your devices — from the cloud.

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Agent-based device management for your remote and local devices

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All your devices are at your fingertips. Deploy a package in just a few clicks. 

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Intentionally architected so you can see device data and take action in real time.

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Automatically patch the latest fixes from 100+ vendors, tested by PDQ pros.

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Designed with multifactor authentication, encryption, and more. SOC 2 certified.

Gather instant insights

A real-time view of your devices’ information allows you to make informed decisions and take priority action — whether they are on prem or remote — without relying on a VPN.

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Real-time device data

Maintain device oversight from a single location — including operating system, local IP address, installed software versions, connected drives, and more.

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Dynamic groups

Both prebuilt and custom groups reflect current device data. When a device meets the criteria for a specific group, it joins automatically.

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Prebuilt groups

Use our prebuilt groups to immediately gain insight into your environment — like which devices require a reboot and which have limited disk drive space.

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Custom device filters

Filter devices by the criteria of your choice, including variables like the latest version of a specific application. Stack and nest multiple filters to get ultraspecific.

Take immediate action

Deploy exactly what you need to — from common bundles of apps for effortless user onboarding to a migration project at scale. Automate ongoing maintenance tasks to ensure both compliance and security.

Example packages available for custom package creation on PDQ ConnectExample packages available for custom package creation on PDQ Connect
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Common apps

More than 100 of the most popular apps are ready for you to deploy in our Package Library. We keep these up to date and test each one to ensure it installs silently.

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Custom packages

Upload your own third-party or proprietary software applications and create multistep packages, like installing an MSI or running a PowerShell script.

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Automated updates

Deploy packages to target specific devices or groups based on the trigger you want — like deploying the latest version of Chrome or a weekly reboot. Set it and forget it.

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PowerShell commands

Take fast action by executing commands directly on a device without needing to deploy a package. Gather information and implement fixes quickly.

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Detailed history

Easily view and filter past deployment details and results, error message logs, and command history. For failed deployments, redeploy with one click.

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Windows updates

Deploy our prebuilt cumulative update packages to targeted devices or run PSWindowsUpdate scripts to manage Windows updates on any device.

Take a quick look at PDQ Connect

In this demo video, Jordan walks through how to create a group of devices, deploy software in an instant, and set up a recurring automated deployment.

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