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PDQ Connect: Remote machine management for hybrid workforces

Coming soon! PDQ Connect is a new standalone, agent-based solution inspired by PDQ Deploy and Inventory. Register now to request early access to our public beta when it opens later this year.

Man on laptop that has UI of deploying a package
Man on laptop that has UI of deploying a package

You’ve asked, we’re finally answering.

Remote Windows device management.

Target devices

Just like PDQ Deploy and Inventory, easily keep all of your machines up-to-date with pre-built scan information that helps you understand your environment.

UI of connectUI of connectUI of connect

Deploy packages

Fans of the Package Library rejoice! The same options are available in Connect — and of course you can still build your own to fit your specific needs.

Sample list of available packagesSample list of available packagesSample list of available packages

Access remotely

With the PDQ Connect agent installed, you’ll be able to access any device, anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet. Dreams do come true.

Illustration of multiple connections to connect productIllustration of multiple connections to connect productIllustration of multiple connections to connect product

New product, same PDQ principles you know and love.

application icon in green


A streamlined, intuitive interface means no training is required to quickly get started.

Flexible Spot icon in Green


Customize packages, scanners, and more to meet your exact requirements.

Fast spot icon in green


Finish deployments before you can get another cup of coffee. (Or whiskey. You do you.)

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Collect deep and actionable inventory information about your environment out-of-the-box.


When will the beta start?

The beta has not started yet. The beta will be invite-only, and we anticipate initial beta invites will be sent in the coming weeks to months. Additional invites will be sent at a later date.

What can we expect from this beta?

We’re early on in feature development for Connect. Some features won’t be available and there will certainly be bugs. That’s where we need your help! Your feedback during this phase is invaluable.

Will PDQ Connect have feature parity with PDQ Deploy and Inventory?

While all of the features won’t be available at launch, our plan is to eventually support the same functionality as Deploy and Inventory.

Will PDQ Connect integrate with other PDQ products?

We are looking at options for integrating the products together in a seamless experience, but the products will be separate standalone products for the foreseeable future.

Does development of PDQ Connect impact plans for Deploy and Inventory?

Nope! In fact, we're growing our investment in Deploy and Inventory to accelerate new features and enhance those products. We love them, you love them, and they aren't going anywhere. 

When will PDQ Connect be launched?

Early next year (pending feedback from this public beta.)

What will PDQ Connect cost?

We expect the pricing to be per device and are still working on the exact details. 

I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?

We’re happy to help! Email beta@pdq.com and we’ll get back to you. 


Register now to receive early access to our public beta.