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Avoid wasting time on vulnerabilities that will never meaningfully impact your organization. Secure your Windows, Apple, and Linux devices by prioritizing the highest risk vulnerabilities.

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Attack surface management for cyber resilience

Identify high-risk, exploitable vulnerabilities and secure your attack surface. Cut through the noise and get your continuous remediation plan rolling.

Full attack surface visibility

Scan all on-prem, remote, and internet-facing assets to gain full visibility of your attack surface in real time.

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pdq detect ui full attack surface visibilitypdq detect ui full attack surface visibility
pdq detect ui consumable contextual risk prioritizationpdq detect ui consumable contextual risk prioritization

Consumable, contextual risk prioritization

PDQ Detect leverages machine learning to identify vulnerabilities that are currently exploitable in your specific environment.

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Effective remediation & reporting

Get clear remediation steps, prioritized by impact and exploitability. Utilize automated or custom reports.

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pdq detect ui effective remediation reportingpdq detect ui effective remediation reporting

Are you an MSP?

Take a peek at our vulnerability scanning solution tailor made for you and your clients.

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