For sysadmins, by sysadmins

Founded in Salt Lake City in 2001, PDQ makes device management simple, secure, and pretty damn quick.

PDQ Office SLC
PDQ Office SLC

Started from the bottom

Our founders spent their careers as sysadmins supporting large organizations. Over the years, they noticed a gap in systems management solutions for the small-to-medium business market. Other tools were too complex, bulky, and pricey to be accessible to everyone. They dreamed of something more simple, yet still powerful.

Thus PDQ was born. Simple products that install quickly, save IT admins a ton of time, and just work. Over 23,000 organizations rely on our software to keep their machines up-to-date and secure.

"We started PDQ to make the lives of sysadmins easier"

Shane Corellian, co-founder of PDQ

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The best way to have healthy, up-to-date machines — automatically.

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