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A Little Tech Humor for Us Sys Admins

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

I’ve been a big fan of CRACKED.com for a long time (America’s Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958!) and one of the reasons is their grasp of Science and Tech – read: Nerd stuff. It’s clear that the writers have a good understanding of these things that the average person just doesn’t have. It’s refreshing to see humor that doesn’t need to be dumbed down (much.)

So, as a treat for those of you not familiar with CRACKED, here are some of my favorite articles for us computerphiles.

5 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do

How Xerox Invented the Information Age (and Gave it Away) 

6 Insane Foreign Memes That Put Lolcats To Shame


7 Ad Campaigns That Prove Microsoft Was Never Good at This

More Proof the Video Game Industry is Out of Ideas (E3 2010)

Dear Hotmail: What The Hell Happened to You?

5 Reasons It’s Still Not Cool to Admit You’re a Gamer

This is just a sampling of the some of the funniest ones I’ve seen recently, there’s plenty more where they come from. There are literally hundreds of articles to read.  Enjoy!

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