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Admin Humor Break: Red vs. Blue

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

Red vs. Blue is a comedy series set in the world of Microsoft’s Halo video game. The footage is all from within the game itself, with conversations between characters as they get into various predicaments. The basic premise of the show is a satirical look at these types of first-person shooter games. The Red and Blue armies have outputs located in an isolated box canyon called Blood Gulch, which is just the kind of map that you might find yourself in while playing the game. No real reason for being there, other than to set up a battle.

The show’s greatest strength is its characters, who are a collection of clueless misfits bumbling around their artificial world finding new and interesting ways to irritate each other. Plenty of nerd based humor makes its way into the dialog and situations, which is funny even if you’ve never played a computer game. Each episode is a short couple of minutes, and you can watch most of them on the RoosterTeeth YouTube channel.


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