Auto Deployment and Proxy Servers

To facilitate the new Auto Deployment feature in PDQ Deploy 3.2 we had to modify how we handle proxy servers.

PDQ Deploy now connects to the Package Library using the background service user account. If you use the same account to open the PDQ Deploy console AND to run the Background Service then you’re probably going to be fine. The real gotcha is if you use a different account to run the Background Service.

Why would this be the case? Well, most environments have a proxy server. Generally, proxy server configurations are usually pushed down –via a User level GPO– to your Windows systems when a user logs on. If the user account that runs the Background Service has never logged on to your console system then there is not proxy information for PDQ Deploy to use. In these cases you have one of two options:

  1. Log on (once) to your console machine using the background service credentials. If your proxy information is populated via a GPO or a login script then you should be OK. After logging in you can log out and log back in using your normal account. 
  2. Specify the proxy information in the Proxy panel in your Preferences window of PDQ Deploy.

Look at the screenshots below. One shows the Background Service credentials in the PDQ Deploy Preferences window. You can see that the user account deadwood.local\Al.Swearengen is used to run the Background Service. 



Take a look at the running processes screenshot. You can see the PDQDeployConsole.exe (the console) is running under the Quintana account (because Quintana is the account logged into Windows). The PDQDeployService.exe (Background Service) is running as Al.Swearengen.


When the Console is started PDQ Deploy will attempt to connect to the internet (for the Package Library) as Al.Swearengen. If it can’t connect then it would attempt (in this case) as Quintana (the account running the Console). This doesn’t solve the problem, however, of connecting to the Package Library when no one is logged onto the console. In this case if the background service user (Al.Swearengen) doesn’t have proxy information defined then the Package Library won’t be able to be accessed.

If you find yourself in this position then choose one of the options listed above. If you want to simply hard-code the proxy information into PDQ Deploy then it would look something like this:



This setting tells PDQ Deploy to always use this proxy info and to ignore proxy settings in the Control Panel of Windows.

I hope this helps head off any proxy related problems you may encounter as you upgrade to PDQ Deploy 3.2.