Auto Deployment – The Feature That Keeps On Giving

PDQ_Deploy_Beta_3-2We just released the second public beta of PDQ Deploy 3.2. We made some changes to Auto Deployments (an Enterprise mode feature) – particularly in setting them up – that beta 1 users will notice.

The biggest change is related to the Approval Policy settings. There is now a global default setting in Preferences > Package Library.

What is the Approval Policy?

This is a setting that determines when new versions of packages are approved for auto deployments. Let’s say you create an Auto Deployment Package for Mozilla Firefox. The current version is 32.0. When the next version is added to the package library (for example, version 33.0) the Approval settings are used to let PDQ Deploy know when it is safe to automatically deploy the new version. All new versions must be approved before they can be deployed. For those who want to Set It and Forget It you can specify when to automatically approve new versions.


Setting Up a Package for Auto Deployment

Go to your Package Library, then select the package(s) you want to have automatically deployed. Push the Add Auto Deployment button. You’ll be presented with two options. Create a New Schedule or Use Existing Schedule. In the example below will create a new schedule. 



Can I Change the Approval Settings for a Specific Auto Deployment Package?

Yes. If you want to change the Approval settings (remember the Approval initial settings are whatever your default configuration is in Preferences) select the package under Auto Deployment Packages and go to the Schedules tab. Highlight the schedule and click the Change link in the right side panel (you can also right click the schedule and choose the Change Approval Policy option). Select the Approval policy that you want for this schedule. ***Note*** The deployment policy is maintained per package per schedule. This means you can have one schedule that immediately approves a new package version (perhaps for test machines) and then another schedule which deploys to the rest of your target machines that gets approved in 3 days (or manually or whatever).


If you want to change the package version that is currently being used for Auto Deployment you can click the Change link under Current Version. If you choose an older version the Approval setting (for this schedule / package) will be set to Manual. Also note that you may need to uninstall the later version on target machines that have already had the new version deployed.

The video below walks you through setting up an Auto Deployment for Adobe Flash for IE.