Cheap as Free

Cheap as free | Admin Arsenal
    Photo by oddsock

I’ve been travelling a bit more lately than I normally do and I’ve started to notice a new trend: Free WiFi at airports. It doesn’t really surprise me, having recently read Free: The Future of a Radical Price. While it doesn’t really surprise me, I’m not completely sure why they’re doing it. Are competitive pressures between airports that strong? With the exception of a couple of large metropolitan airports, you never have much choice of where you’re going. Perhaps it’s because so few people were willing to pay that the airports just decided that it was cheaper to give it away and avoid the extra infrastructure. Maybe it’s just that WiFi is so cheap it’s worth the tiny PR gain. If you have an insight, please leave it in the comments.

Whatever the reason is, it’s unlikely that this trend will slow down. We’re only now starting to see the economies of scale that can be brought to bear in the digital world. And I for one welcome our new free overlords.