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Cold, Cramped, and Confused

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

The title of this blog is how I am feeling right now. Still, I have a smile on my face.

Actually I’m writing to you from Naples, Italy. I’ve spent the last 36 of 44 hours in this loud, very cold server room. As I was wrapping up a remote desktop connection to another server farm I found myself a little confused. I was trying to remember what country I was in. I kept thinking I was in Japan (another client site), but then I thought, “No, no, I was just there two months ago. I must be in … Bahrain?” About 30 seconds later I realized where I was. It was then that I took a break.

Server rooms. You just love ’em, huh?

No matter where you are in the world, they seem so eerily similar. So are the cramps. I recall watching a mid-flight video on a Korean Airlines flight where the actors demonstrated some sitting exercises and techniques to help you fight cramping and dehydration. I’m using some of those techniques today.

I’ll need more of those techniques. We’re experiencing RAID Controller failures on one of our servers, so we have to roll back to a previous build. Not fun, but it’s the only option now. We’ll have to resume again tomorrow when we get some replacement disks.

If you have some exercises or techniques that you use to stay awake and alert in your cold, cramped, and loud server rooms I’d love to hear them.

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