Customizing & Deploying Adobe Reader 9.3


While Adobe Reader is free, it can be a bit of a pain to get onto all of your computers. This is because Adobe requires each organization to enter into a separate license agreement. So it’s not possible for you to just download the .msi and deploy (at least not without violating the Adobe EULA).

The process is actually fairly simple once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Simply go to Look for the familiar buttons and select Adobe Reader.

Installing Adobe Reader To All Your Computers

The next step will allow you to obtain a file for deploying rather than having Adobe attempt an installation to the specific machine that you are using. Your screen will look similar to this:

Deploy Adobe to all of your computers

The key here is to select the “Distribute Adobe Reader” link. 

The next pages and steps will require that you accept the Adobe EULA (End User License Agreement). You will need to provide your company information, including a guestimate of the number of systems that you will install the software on. 

Be sure to sign up for Adobe security announcements (a separate choice from signing up for Adobe marketing announcements). For obvious reasons you should be informed when Adobe releases a new patch. (If you wait to learn about a patch release from Slashdot then it’s probably too late.)

Once you receive the email from Adobe containing the download link you’re about halfway home. Now it’s time to do some customization.

Note: You don’t need to customize, just remember that by default Adobe Reader will perform auto updates for patches from each system, as well as menu items for purchasing Adobe Acrobat, and other annoyances. 

You’ll need to download the Adobe Customization Wizard. You can obtain this file by doing a search within Adobe. The filename changes with each release, but as of this writing the most current is CustWiz90_en_US.msi. Install this file accepting all defaults. When completed you will need to run the Adobe Reader 9.3 (obtained from your EULA acceptance email from Adobe). The file is named AdbeRdr_930_en_US.exe. 

To install this file you need to run it from a command prompt and provide the following argument:

c:\AdbeRdr_930_en_US.exe -nos_ne

This will extract the files required by the customization wizard.

Here is a video which demonstrates a quick customization. Note, when you customize Adobe Reader you are not customizing the .msi file that you downloaded, but you are creating an .mst (Transform) file that you will reference when you install the .msi.

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