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End of Life – Microsoft XP and Server 2003

Emily JarvisEmily Jarvis

Dear Admins of Microsoft XP and Server 2003 clients,

We feel your pain and offer our deepest sympathies. However… computers with Microsoft XP or Server 2003 can no longer be managed using PDQ Deploy 14. 

XP and Server 2003 were end-of-lifed by Microsoft in 2014 and 2015 and have been unsupported by since 2015. Unsupported by means that testing PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory with XP and Server 2003 was officially stopped. While our products still worked with these two operating systems, without testing them, we could no longer guarantee functionality.

In order to bring new tools and technologies to our products, PDQ Deploy version 14 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2, which unfortunately does not work with Microsoft XP or Server 2003. This means that soon Inventory 14 will also no longer collect information about these old dinosaur target machines. It’s a sad thing to see these old operating systems retire, but opens doors to newer and cooler features in future releases.

While not technically supporting these operating systems, PDQ Deploy is the last known version to work with XP or Server 2003.

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