Google Docs gives Windows administrators and users a gift


Google Docs 1GB StorageGoogle has announced that their document collaboration tool (no, not Wave) will receive an upgrade. Google Docs is about to receive (and none too soon) the ability to upload files.

This honor has been limited to specific file types, usually office documents and .pdf’s. As a Google Apps Premier user I’ve been one of those waiting for this announcement. 

Google Docs users will get 1GB of storage space, with up to 250 MB per file. Additional space is available for purchase.

Google Apps Premier customers  will not (at least it hasn’t been announced) be receiving additional space, but rather the ability to use 3rd party apps for desktop syncing. 

I’m a little surprised that the Premier customers aren’t starting off with a larger bowl, but all in good time I suppose. 

Here’s a good take on Google’s announcement from Ars Technica.