How to maintain patching during a government shutdown

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Kelly Hammer|January 26, 2019
How To Maintain Patching During a Government Shutdown
How To Maintain Patching During a Government Shutdown
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    As of this writing, the United States government is reopening for three weeks ending the longest government shutdown in American history. understands how difficult this shutdown has been on the hundreds of thousands of government workers that were furloughed.  If you’re a system administrator, what happened to your machines while you were gone? What will happen to your machines during the next government shutdown? has created a quick video that will show you what to check now that you’re back and what you need to set up in PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy, to ensure that your machines stay patched during the next shutdown or anytime you’re out of the office.

    If your PDQ Deploy or Inventory licenses expired during the shutdown, please contact us at We understand your situation and are happy to work with you to keep things patched and running smoothly.

    Make sure to check out the additional videos that Lex referenced

    By following these recommendations and best practices, PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory can ensure that you have the right tools so your machines will stay patched if and when the next shutdown happens. Take time to set up between shutdowns.

    Kelly Hammer headshot
    Kelly Hammer

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