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I’m Excited for Windows 7

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

I admit that I’m excited for Windows 7*. Maybe I’m just a victim of all the recent good press, but I can’t wait for Windows 7 to be released. I’m a nerd, I admit, but I like new operating systems – they’re like new toys. Back in the day when I was a Linux admin, I always got excited when Red Hat or Suse came out with something new. Currently I get a tingle whenever Apple drops a new version of OS X. But there’s something even more special about Windows 7. 

I think the reason is because it’s been so long since Microsoft released a client OS that’s worth getting excited about. I love Server 2008, I think it’s really done right, but that’s only the server side of things. XP wasn’t that much better than 2000 and was so long ago and let’s face it, Vista just didn’t deliver. It feels kind of like those heady days when NT or Windows 95 first came on the scene. Not only were they “new” but they delivered some real potential. I think that Windows 7 is going to be the same. I’ve tried using Vista as my main development box, but I’ve always gone back to XP. I am hopeful that I’ll be able to transition to Windows 7 smoothly.

What I’m most excited about is that I it appears Microsoft has really learned from Apple. My favorite part of OS X is that it does a good job of just getting out of my way. There was a time when I was a tweaker. I would change every setting I could find not because it helped me out, but because it was there. But I’m past that now. I have work to do, and I want a system that just lets me do it with no fuss. Vista wasn’t that system, Windows 7 appears to be. 

It’s entirely possible that I’m wrong about all this, and it’s that same hopeful nature of mine that had me stick with Vista as long as I did. I guess the proof in the pudding will be the eating. So serve me up.

* This is not a paid ad, I swear. I wouldn’t mind getting some Microsoft Astroturfing money, but I’ll settle for a decent replacement for XP.

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