Install Firefox Silently | How To Push Out Mozilla Firefox

install firefox remotely | PDQ DeployMozilla Firefox has long focused on the consumer market, much to the frustration of their loyal customers who wish to use them at their office.

If your users (or for that matter, you) desire to use Firefox, remote deployment is possible. It’s not as straight forward as many other software applications, but it’s not overly cumbersome either.

In the attached video you’ll see that remotely installing Firefox is dependent upon creating an .INI file with the correct parameters. We’ve created one that you can easily copy/paste.

InstallDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox

Copy/paste this info to FirefoxDeploy.ini and keep this file in the same directory as Firefox Setup 3.6.12.exe . The documentation for Firefox installations states to provide the full path to the .ini file. For this reason we created a share rather than copy the file down during installation (demonstrated in the video).

(As all of our videos are recorded in HD, we recommend viewing at full screen)

Now, a quick word on security. Do you have a process for tracking security patches for non-Microsoft applications? Hopefully you do. Adobe Reader, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc. Be sure to add Mozilla to your list. Firefox has been releasing a lot of patches recently, so be sure to stay in the loop. (Patch Tuesday has made many a sys admin a little lazy at times).

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(Admin Arsenal customer for many years) for requesting this video. If you have vids that you’d like created on the deployment of your favorite application or patch, please let us know.

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