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Perform a Firefox Silent Install


There a couple ways to perform a Firefox silent install. First way  is to get a free download of PDQ Deploy and do the initial setup. There is a more in-depth explanation on how to build your own deployment packages here.

To create the package you will go to File>New Package Name your Firefox package. In the Install step click the ellipsis button in the Install File and navigate to the Firefox Setup xx.exe file.

At this point you have two options to do a Firefox silent install. In the parameters field you can type


which is a Firefox installation parameter for a silent install. (Do not use /S (a common silent install parameter) because /S for Firefox performs a silent uninstall.)

or use an .ini file. Copy and paste the following into a text file and save as a .ini in the same directory as your Firefox setup exe.

InstallDirectoryName=Mozilla Firefox

Then in the parameters field enter:


In the Additional Files field add the Firefox.ini file. (You could also just check the Include Entire Directory checkbox but if you do this you want to make sure there aren’t unnecessary files in the directory such as earlier Firefox Setup executables)

Now you’re all set to deploy your silent install.

The easier way to do this is to deploy it from the package in the Package Library that silently installs Mozilla Firefox that is available with either a PDQ Deploy Pro mode or Enterprise mode license. Once you’ve installed and added your license, you can import the latest Firefox package from our package library.

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