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Microsoft offering “rented” copies of Windows and Office

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

What 3 words define the home theatre system of the 1980’s?

Listening to the TWiT episode 231 (titled Be Kind, Rewind) I heard that Microsoft is now offering “rented” copies of Windows and Office. 

Extracted from Mary-Jo Foley’s ZDNet article

“The new rental option “could give a boost to Internet cafes, companies renting rather than buying computers, etc.,” DeGroot said. “It also could be good for seasonal businesses who could rent additional PCs for a short time, then send them back.

To attract interest in the new rental program, Microsoft is offering a promotion (through the end of June 2010), via which a rental version of Office Professional is available for $58 (regularly $83 via volume discount pricing). Office Standard (rental) is available for $45 per copy (as opposed to $64 per copy regularly.) Windows is available for $23 per copy (as opposed to $32 per copy), DeGroot noted.” 

At least these rentals won’t have the problem that plagued rented VHS copies of Basic Instinct where one particular scene had been paused so much and so often it was, well, unwatchable. (or so I, ahem, hear).

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