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Our new digs

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

All of our servers are starting to get reconnected so that we can start making more how-to vids and provide support.

Man it’s been frustrating having all of our ESXi servers powered down and waiting for the last little while. But they are (almost) all running now as is evidenced by the fact that Shane is making vids as I write this.

It’s not perfect quite yet. We still don’t have our broadband yet, so we’re stuck with the backup solution of using my Sprint 4G WiFi card. But hey, it works. 

Anyway, we’re not going to change our mailing address (please continue to use the PO Box). But our new address is 230 W. 200 So. Suite 3101 Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. It’s nice be downtown again, a simple walk from some great restaurants, pubs, and hang outs.

Broadband will be installed next week. After that we’ll pop the corks and get back to work.

Thanks for hangin’ with us.

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