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JJ Bateman|April 15, 2021
April PDQ&A
April PDQ&A
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    Thu, 4/15 • 35:01

    SPEAKERS Lex, Kelly, Jake, Jordan, JJ

    Jordan  00:00 ---  Everybody is Jordan with PDQ.com. It's time for another pdq&a where I stand here and answer nothing and people in the chat do my work for me when I guess let's just dive in to the first question.

    Kelly  00:12 ---  All right, here we go. Let's kick this thing off. Guys, I use the Zoom collections and Auto Deploy package, there is a bug in zoom 5.5 and newer than only new and newer, that only impacts certain devices for us. I have downgraded affected devices to zoom 5.49 and created a collection for them. How can I utilize the 5.4 point nine collection as an exclusion for Auto Deploy to preview accidental upgrades? Thanks, Chad B

    Jordan  00:46 ---  alright, is about preview or previous previous. Previously I'm not sure so if this one is, you know, the four machines that are bad, you can build a static collection. Here, we'll just name this one. don't install. So you have your four machines that you know you don't want to sell on there, then on the package itself. Seven zip is Zoom In this scenario, you're gonna have to follow along with the complex twists and turns you want to go with. It is not a member of the collection we just built, don't install. And that way the ones that aren't upgrading properly won't be part of the automated package. If that's the case I'm understanding the question.

    Lex  01:28 ---  That's that's definitely one way to do it. The other way to do it, Jordan is to combine to a nested collection where basically you build a collection that says it's got to be part of zoom old and it cannot be part of your don't install collection. Okay, so

    Jordan  01:45 ---  come down here to you just basically build the nest 100 zoom client,

    Lex  01:51 ---  you know, no, I'd actually just build a new one. Okay, let's build a new one.

    Jordan  01:56 ---  Are we doing dynamic or static?

    Lex  01:57 ---  dynamic? Definitely. Okay Yeah, name that production zoom or whatever. Lex is? Worst. Okay. I like it. Okay, in the computer table go over to and it's a no, it's in the computer table. Go to

    Jordan  02:15 ---  computer.

    Lex  02:16 ---  Yep. collection collection.

    Jordan  02:19 ---  Is alphabetical. Right.

    Lex  02:20 ---  I don't know how that works. A.

    Jordan  02:23 ---  So is member or is not member is member of zoom.

    Lex  02:33 ---  Just this is gonna be production, right? Yes. Zoom old.

    Jordan  02:37 ---  So is member zoom. Oh, but it's not a member of another one.

    Lex  02:40 ---  And then yeah, the next one is not a member of the one you just built.

    Jordan  02:47 ---  There we go. That's two ways just to kind of avoid those ones that are having struggles until you can figure out what's going wrong with that upgrade for you. 

    Jake  02:56 ---   point each.

    Kelly  02:57 ---  Yes.

    Jordan  02:58 ---  I just pointed out his version was worse. Right in the title.

    JJ  03:05 ---  One first Colby /audience. 

    Jake  03:06 ---  Yeah, there's  our new computer names, which I love.

    Kelly  03:10 ---  Right. So everybody? I feel like Oprah everybody gets a point when you get

    JJ  03:15 ---  well since prev. meant prevent not previous or? Yeah.

    Jake  03:23 ---  Okay. Okay.

    Kelly  03:24 ---  So the next two questions, are AutoCAD questions? Do you guys want to take them individually or just one right after another and then do the whole thing, your call?

    Jordan  03:36 ---  As long as time won't be answering?

    Kelly  03:40 ---  Let's just start with the first one. Hey, guys hope all is? Well. I'm in the process of creating a package for AutoCAD 2022. And it keeps failing on me. I'm new to PDQ. So I'm sure that I'm adding the wrong file within the package details. Would you mind walking or talking me through the process? Thank you, KS Smith, 15.

    Lex  04:02 ---  You know, Kevin, simple things to look for. I mean, one, if you're actually doing the install, using the install step to copy all the files over you definitely gonna want to tag that include directory, that'll probably grab most of those. The other thing I do know about AutoCAD is that I believe they've got a wizard or whatever, an install wizard that creates a batch file or a script that you can run across the network. And, you know, that's just AutoCAD has Giga tons data in regards to their install. So, you know, maybe another way to do that would be to take a look at that script and possibly run that. So those are two ways. I'd take a look.

    Jordan  04:46 ---  Yeah, we've done a couple of webcasts on that one. We do in depth coverage. I think Kelly just linked that in the chat.

    Kelly  04:52 ---  Yeah, we have I think four videos on AutoCAD. I've given you the link for the latest one. I think that was 20 19 though so that's been a little while. Alexander's also included a silent install How To Guide

    Jordan  05:07 ---  to make some new AutoCAD videos. It's also worth noting they announced they're changing the way to install AutoCAD for some products, but not all of them. So there might be some changes coming down the pipeline for new products going forward. Alright, take the next one,

    Kelly  05:24 ---  AutoCAD question number two, Hello, I am working on a continuous integration continuous delivery and continuous deployment pipeline for our Autodesk Inventor add ins. I would like to use PDQ Deploy at the end of this pipeline to deliver the add-ins to our end users. My question is whether you have documentation regarding this Thank you m BK.

    Jordan  05:48 ---  I don't know. You know, I,

    Lex  05:50 ---  we don't have documentation, but you know, PDQ on that. Definitely something we probably should look into, because it's very popular. So maybe I can look it up and see what we can do about pumping out a video for you guys.

    Jordan  06:02 ---  We have one blog post for 72 point autocamp. But that doesn't mention anything past that one. So

    JJ  06:08 ---  this might be something that has to be scripted. Yeah.

    Lex  06:14 ---  Alex and just put in some info.

    Jordan  06:18 ---  I think user dissatisfaction got a point on that one.

    Kelly  06:23 ---  I was giving no points because yeah, we came up blank on that one.

    JJ  06:27 ---  The audience is getting some

    Kelly  06:29 ---  Alright, we'll get them another one. How about and the audience is now in the lead? Just give them a

    JJ  06:33 ---  fine, fair

    Kelly  06:36 ---  well done. Hey, guys, what are PDQ thoughts for new customers looking to move away from GPO based software deployments to ensure a seamless transition? I assume I'd want to disable those GPOs. But do you have any other recommendations for starting software deployments with PDQ should the GPO red keys be deleted? Etc mahna mahna mahna mahna.

    Jordan  07:01 ---  Where you mentioned specifically, this is only for software deployments, not for your general settings. As far as he says probably not as important because it just it's just installing software probably on log on. So you could probably I would first only disable those just make sure deploy is covering everything you're looking to have installed, meeting the same needs. The biggest gap that you're gonna find is log on installs, where there's going to be more on the schedule GPO can do it for whenever the user logs on. Other than that, you could pretty much similar everything I deploy once that's working, you can go ahead and remove the software install GPOs

    Jake  07:40 ---  that a Jordan point?

    Kelly  07:41 ---  That's the Jordan point.

    Jordan  07:43 ---   got one.

    Kelly  07:45 ---  Next one. Good morning. Good afternoon. Is there a way to uninstall legacy edge after installing edge for business? Or do I need to rely on Windows updates for that? Thanks, JoshC.

    Jordan  08:00 ---  The problem with that one is when you install the new edge it the reason it doesn't remove the legacy edge just points to the new one is a lot of the search and file systems in windows are based on it. So they actually prevent you from removing it and just hiding it. So it is under the appx packages, which will go and find that one real quick. You can see here 89 This one is the new version. And where it is at the non removal is listed as Windows keynote, spacebar nonroad was listed as false. But if you go and look at the previous versions, they have the non removable as soon as true. So it's going to block you from removing those you can bypass. But the reason it's there is since you can remove the core edge, if you remove legacy as well, you're going to have pretty serious issues with your computer, it's going to be slow on if you're searching for files. So they just kind of keep it there as a backup. There are some methods out there where you can bypass the non removable I just I wouldn't recommend it in this case.

    Lex  09:01 ---  Hey Jordan, pull up Deploy and go search for edge because I think there's an uninstall package there.

    Jordan  09:08 ---  For for which one because it gets to keep a certain level of it.

    Lex  09:11 ---  Yeah, you got to go to the package like Abraham.

    Jordan  09:14 ---  Thank you.

    Lex  09:16 ---  I was kind of looking at this one this morning. I'm like, Huh, I wonder if that does do that.

    Jordan  09:20 ---  Edge chromium hits the HTML one, this one we're looking to get rid of. Okay. Yeah. So unfortunately, Microsoft prevents that it is an app exe but they prevented it because so much of their system is built on that I don't know if that's going to eventually be replaced with the chromium version but for now, it's just they just they're gonna make it very difficult. Oh, apparently April windows 10 update removes legacy it's so my guess is you probably have to wait for the update because that's when they're going to shift it over to using the chromium based one. But is that the non non removable is pretty set for the epics on that one.

    Jake  09:55 ---  Point Jordan half point, Lex

    Kelly  10:00 ---  Almost wondering if point Jordan half point legs half point audience because the April's windows 10 update.

    JJ  10:05 ---  Let's let's give Jordan two points and everyone else one.

    Kelly  10:09 ---  Wow, your general

    JJ  10:10 ---  I feel like Well, no, it's the same thing is the same one and a half same, right? Yeah. We don't have to deal with (non)-integers

    Jake  10:15 ---  points. Yeah.

    JJ  10:16 ---  Yeah. All right. All right,

    Kelly  10:18 ---  math. All right, next question. I have a scan step in my package for creating a new computer. Sometimes it doesn't work, I get an error that it's not found in inventory. How can I make sure that it works every time sincerely, Curtis J.

    Jordan  10:36 ---  Let's see sometimes. You know,

    Lex  10:39 ---  I think part of it is you got a if you're using Active Directory Sync probably want to be a little more aggressive because you're trying to hit it before it gets into your inventory. So you may kick off a sync before you run that package. That's one way to get it in there. Jordan, any thoughts?

    Jordan  10:56 ---  I'm just gonna read what Colby put in there. If you're using MDT you can call inventory and do an AD sync or manually add the computer. And then there's a blog on that under MDT imaging in PDQ Deploy. 

    Lex  11:06 ---  Colby was just copying me, so I should get extra points. 

    Jordan  11:11 ---  I'm not gonna I'm not in charge of the points because apparently the system thinks that I would cheat. I would. I would cheat. 

    Kelly  11:18 ---  We know you too. Well. Lex, you get points score,

    JJ  11:24 ---  you would have gotten them anyway, if you hadn't made your case. Just so you know.

    Lex  11:28 ---  I just feel I have to argue my valid validity points every time I get them.

    JJ  11:34 ---  Okay. There's, I suppose there's some precedent behind that.

    Kelly  11:40 ---  Hey, guys, is it possible to push Windows version updates, I'm interested in upgrading our clients to version 20. h2, Carlos G.

    Jordan  11:51 ---  It is possible. The issue is the reporting back to the successful one. When it reboots to finish the install, it takes longer to come back up a lot of times the package itself times out. And so reports are a failure, when it hasn't necessarily failed is just the time it takes us a bit too long. There are some forum threads out there on how to do this that have done this successfully, you can look into it's just about accounting for how long it takes to reboot when you do the version upgrade like that.

    Lex  12:21 ---  I want to add one more thing to that. I mean, if you've ever done a feature upgrade and had driver problems where you could blue screen, that's you know, it's one of those looming issues that can pop up, you know, always hangs out there will happen. So, you know, I have that rule, it's like you can do a lot of good with automation, you can do a lot of bad with automation really fast. So if you're going to do it, which I've done, it works pretty good. Just do it in small groups. So if you have a bad day, it's only a small bad day. Not a big bad day.

    Jordan  12:49 ---  Yes, just one where you can make it work, but we can't really validate by the end. Or as Marcel said, technical Yes. Recommended. No.

    Kelly  13:00 ---  brevity, I should almost give Marcel some points for that one. Guys, is there a way you can include custom fields in an SQL report be Thiessen,

    Jordan  13:11 ---  so I definitely didn't just read Marcel's answer in the pre show about this. But if after you run the report, you sort by that column and then save it. Next time it runs. It should keep that setting that was not at all stolen.

    JJ  13:29 ---  I know you know how to play the game. You know that you can just read these before.

    Kelly  13:36 ---  Well, what do they say if you're not cheating? You're not trying and it's only cheating if you get caught. So you're okay, Jordan. And

    Jordan  13:42 ---  Colby says I answered the wrong question.

    Kelly  13:45 ---  Oh, well, then we're taking points away.

    Jordan  13:50 ---  It's go back, take points away and see what I did wrong. You want that question? Back up? If I answered the wrong question,

    Kelly  13:57 ---  I see. Oh, Hang on. Hang on. Let me Yeah.

    Lex  14:01 ---  So a sequel report that has some fields in it. I think you should be able to. I just have never tried it.

    Jordan  14:07 ---  I did answer the wrong question.

    Jake  14:09 ---   Dude, that's embarrassing.

    JJ  14:12 ---  But at least you admitted Not only did you answer the wrong question,

    Jordan  14:16 ---  I stole the right. And that you

    JJ  14:18 ---  that you were looking at the answer, the question list in advance.

    Lex  14:25 ---  So am I the only one not cheating here? Already? So crap,

    Jordan  14:30 ---  so I can open up and that's my first not centered window. Sorry. I can open up the SQL course. But I don't. I'm really bad.

    Lex  14:38 ---  Really? Okay, so custom fields are in their own table, but they're referred to in the custom table or the computer table. Right.

    JJ  14:46 ---  You want to hide that question, Jake. 

    Jake  14:48 ---  Yes. There we go.

    Lex  14:52 ---  So I'm wondering where that table is for custom custom fields.

    Jordan  14:55 ---  Yeah. So it might be possible but that's probably gonna take some Research of dive into the database to find that I'm the last person you want to open up the SQL database.

    JJ  15:09 ---  Colby you got any of those blog posts where we answered this question before.

    Jake  15:16 ---  He did list one. Yes.

    JJ  15:17 ---  Yeah. Okay. Cool. So Colby for the point.

    Jordan  15:21 ---  And if that didn't help, that's one where if you send a ticket to support, I think we could probably help you find that one if it is possible. 

    Jake  15:29 ---  So what's our scores looking like?

    Jordan  15:31 ---   I don't want to know this.

    Kelly  15:32 ---  No, actually, Jordan, you're doing okay, so Jordan has seven points, Lex in the audience are both tied at five.

    Jordan  15:40 ---  Does this help me answering the wrong question?

    Kelly  15:42 ---  No, it was not

    JJ  15:43 ---  one of those. He got two questions. Two points on,

    Jordan  15:45 ---  I answered a chat question correctly. I just

    Kelly  15:49 ---  don't, don't push it.

    Jordan  15:51 ---  Okay. All right.

    JJ  15:51 ---  don't justify your points.

    Kelly  15:55 ---  Okay, next one. Gentleman, is there an easy way to modify the PowerShell user last logged on to include log off events or duration of log on, we audit PC use for PCs connected to laser cutters and other machines with hourly charges, Alexander.

    Jordan  16:18 ---  So for PowerShell if you can put anything in there six different profiles that will run automatically when running. So if you are on PowerShell, run dollar sign PS home. in there, there's a profile that ps1 it's in this case, Windows system 32 PowerShell, version one, profile dot ps1 that should be for all users and all hosts. So if you put the script you're looking for in there to grab that information, it will run for everyone on that machine when they log in. As far as the PowerShell, I don't have the knowledge for diving into the event log off top of my head, I could, I guess open up our PowerShell scanner, I've got a couple in there.

    JJ  16:58 ---  If you're charging money based on the log, last logged on and then log off. You may also want to include something like a timeout on that as well. So you can have some accuracy when requesting money from them.

    Jordan  17:20 ---  Yeah, just just a thought. There's a lot of questions about that one but as far as if you want the script to run, then dollar sign PS home let you know where to put it for all users all hosts will run no matter what on that machine. If you're looking for specific users or specific profiles, just just look into PowerShell profiles and look at the location to all of those.

    Kelly  17:41 ---  So I'm giving Jordan a point but JJ I'm giving you a point in the shape of a $1 sign because you're very dollar conscious on behalf of the client. So well done

    JJ  17:50 ---  I just want to make sure that if they're logged in, and they accidentally stay logged in to be charged hourly, it's probably not cheap for a laser cutter. Now I don't know I don't know what you're charging if you want to post in the chat. Curious

    Kelly  18:09 ---  Hey guys, other than the firewall settings what else is needed for PDQ inventory to recognize computers I have several computers showing online. But with errors like the account name is invalid or does not exist, no error code provided by Windows failed to connect to service manager and others. Thanks, C Castro.

    Jordan  18:31 ---  Alright, so there's four major things we want to go through and we have built into the product, the remote repair, you've come in here we'll just apparently analyze this machine, it's going to go in and let you know basically the four critical things, the access to what shares and there's some information up here to help for that. If those four are coming back as working fine and is still not working, I'd open a ticket to support something you might want to dive in to take a look at

    Lex  18:58 ---  you know, the other ones you're going to see that you may have issues with or like if you get dirty Active Directory and do an Active Directory Sync, you're gonna get machines you know, if your DNS is not clean, which a lot of them are not you're gonna get you know, targeting a mismatch kind of things. And then anytime it has, you know, account access issues probably need to look at the credentials you're using to access that machine.

    Kelly  19:25 ---  Very nice. Gentleman  as I did give you a point. Is there a way to configure network scans via command line and use in a scheduled task so I can automatically scan certain subnets on a regular interval. Thank you A. Solomon.

    Jordan  19:46 ---  I'm about to get into another window I didn't previously center. So close

    Lex  19:51 ---  and Jake even gave you a minute to get it centered before he showed it. And that's not so

    Jordan  19:56 ---  I wasn't wasn't thinking I was reading the question. So now for Jordan, we're looking for a scan so you can scan computers with that one within the command line. So we have some built in command line for inventory. It looks like we do have one for scan computers that you can specify a specific one. But let's dive in and find out.

    Lex  20:19 ---  Did you hit Tab?

    Jordan  20:20 ---  No, apparently, I just ran the standard scan on zero computers. So apparently, I need to learn more about what the scan computer is. But there is some command line you can use to run that one. And once you have the command for this specific scan, you should be able to kick that off with anything that would kick it off an interval. Get half a point since I didn't follow through with the complete command line.

    Kelly  20:44 ---  We've already established we're not doing half points. So no points. I get one anyway. Guys, do you know if you guys have any current plans to natively integrate with smart deploy? Thank you, Brian. Y

    Lex  21:02 ---  I plan to do that? No.

    JJ  21:05 ---  Now, is there a way to do it through a PowerShell scanner? Because if you can capture the data through PowerShell. There, there might be some I may be speaking out of turn here.

    Jordan  21:19 ---  But I don't know enough about SmartDeploy to even hazard a guess on if we could do it.

    Lex  21:27 ---  I just know that there's no plans to integrate. That's not natively Yeah. Can you do it? You might be able to maybe? I don't know.

    Jordan  21:36 ---  And Colby once again, points out. I didn't answer the question because I asked on scanning not on network discovery. Which networks? That's

    JJ  21:44 ---  Another good question that Colby brought up is what exactly do you want PDQ to do with smart deploy? Because they're both pretty powerful. What particular features? Are you looking to integrate between the two? Well, I don't think we're gonna you can move on to the next one. And we should give no points to anyone.

    Kelly  22:06 ---  Yeah, no points. No, nothing for you. Next question. All right, gentlemen, I have devices on an external network that PDQ cannot reach, what is the best method for capturing the device inventory? If one exists? Can I manually input their information? Or perhaps is there some sort of app that can scan the info and then import into PDQ? Garren. Okay.

    Jordan  22:36 ---  I mean, the only way I could think of is, if they have the ability for VPN, you can get that open up to where you can scan it. But as far as an app to scan one location, import another, we don't have anything like that built at the moment.

    Lex  22:50 ---  Yeah, there definitely needs to be like a network connectivity layer there for that to work.

    Jordan  22:55 ---  And then looks like in chat Marcel says router specified on a remote network and Colby points to our rise VPN server setup, which can help people that are external get connected, at least for deploying inventory able to access them. I hit my drink.

    Kelly  23:13 ---  It didn't spell it?

    Jordan  23:15 ---  No, it's been empty since pre-show. All right,

    Kelly  23:18 ---  just check in there. I know we've only got two shows left, but we don't want to spill on the equipment. Hi, guys, I want to launch a command which launches the old software, newsid on old computers on Windows seven just to change the SID. So I copy the Exe and run a command on PDQ nerd nerd blah, blah, blah, but nothing happens. How can I do it? Damien s.

    Jordan  23:43 ---  So for that one, if you are deploying it as the deploy user, it might not pop up where if it's if it's based on someone having to be logged on to the machine, you might need to run that as logged on user. But I don't know enough about the application running to get past that.

    Lex  24:03 ---  I'm going with what he said.

    Kelly  24:11 ---  Hey, guys, sometimes our LAPS password becomes out of sync with AD because we use deep freeze on public computers. I've made some tools in inventory to thaw the PC, reset the laps password and GPupdate slash force on the client. Sometimes the password resets and sometimes it doesn't. What's going on? Jeremy, who spoke in class today G.

    Jordan  24:35 ---  From my testing, when we did the credentials webcast A while ago, there's something about when you run the command against the object before updates and replicates out to the domain controller. There's just a delay in there. So I'm wondering if this is the case, if you're setting the change, and then it's freezing again before it's pushed out, but I don't know. But it shouldn't matter since it's an AD object, not the machine. I don't think you can freeze that. So I'm not sure it should definitely be changing on that one. Sorry that I was going based on the actual computer object, the freeze is not the AD object where the last password is stored. So I'm not sure without seeing the PowerShell scripts.

    Lex  25:13 ---  I can't really I would think it'd be a timing issue. Jordan. I think I agree. I think it might be a timing issue. Yeah, I'm

    Kelly  25:22 ---  not sure any points awarded there.

    Jordan  25:24 ---  No, because I'm not sure if the lapse has to check in and it can't, once it's frozen with the AD object. In that case, it would be a timing issue. But there's just a lot in there, maybe keep it frozen for a little bit longer and see if it takes care of that issue.

    Kelly  25:44 ---  Dear Lex and Jordan, I have a computer in my environment that was previously being scanned, but for the last 69 days, is stuck in initializing scan status. I have rebooted the computer and made sure net log on service enabled Any other ideas? Reggie Ed,

    JJ  26:03 ---  I can't believe we slipped that one through.

    Jordan  26:08 ---  If it's to the initializing stage, it means past most of his tests and everything on that one, I would definitely open a ticket with support, just in case there's a bug or something we have tracked as if we can't get that fixed. Because once it's initialized, it should complete. I can't think of anything that would block it.

    Kelly  26:25 ---  Point to Jordan,

    Jordan  26:27 ---  let's say and ask support. If that's an answer. Oh boy.

    Kelly  26:36 ---  Hi, guys, I'm really interested to have a package install some software that I'm not able to install. Is that possible to suggest new software to have packages in PDQ? I think he's asking if he can suggest packages for the package library?

    Lex  26:52 ---  I don't know. But I think you can suggest him. I mean, here's, you know, packages, our package library one we have the vendors got to allow us to distribute them. So there's that issue, too. It also needs to be a package that's fairly widely used. So some of these one-offs are probably not you know, I'm gonna make the package library man nothing wrong with suggesting it. Yet, let's see point for Lex

    JJ  27:17 ---  a point for Lex and a point for Colby, Colby that put in the request page, a nice easy URL to get to get that request. And

    Jordan  27:26 ---  usually if we don't do it after the request comes in, it's not because we don't, it's not that we don't want to, it's we can't get permission from the people that create the software to do that.

    Kelly  27:41 ---  All right, guys it is impossible to run a scanner to see what group policies are applied to a PC. Sincerely, Billy ZO.

    Lex  27:51 ---  video on that I do that I swear two three times a day doing demos. Yeah, you can totally do that to WMIscanner.

    Jordan  28:00 ---  There's a WMI scanner. I think in the PowerShell repository, we have one built out as well, that you can just import the inventory one to the I'm sorry, the PowerShell scanner, and that will tell you what, what is applied. But it's only going to be computer based policies unless you log it and run against logged on users. You can't really grab the user policies in that case.

    Kelly  28:24 ---  Hi, guys, when I want to deploy PowerShell five on a computer with Windows 7, it always fails. Have you got an explanation about this issue? Damien s?

    Lex  28:35 ---  I just want to know why you still have windows 7 man. Alright, fair enough question though.

    Jordan  28:42 ---  Yeah, without Can I see what the error is on that one? Oh, Marcel says no support it. Yeah, there we go. It's probably built on the dotnet that is built on isn't supported on seven maybe. But yeah, not supported as I don't need to build on that. That's correct.

    Kelly  29:04 ---  Gentlemen, I have a number of users that use VPN to log into my network and can't be seen by PDQ inventory. Is there a PDQ agent I could install to help out with this for a minion net.

    Jordan  29:21 ---  Um, we tried at one point that didn't go well. We have plans in the future. I don't have specific times on when that's coming.

    Lex  29:30 ---  Now, I would also add to this. You can connect your VPN. I mean, the ports there are some videos and there's some things on how to open up those ports across your VPN. Some of the other caveats: I'd watched two videos, a short one and a long one long one if you're the long one. If you're not overly familiar with the setup of your VPN and your VPN clients that watch that Josh does an amazing job of explaining how it all works. If you're very familiar, Jordan, I have a nice short five or six minute video. You can. It'll tell you, here's the ports, here's the things that need to be forward to DNS to make that happen. So you can make it should be able to make it happen when your VPN

    Jordan  30:08 ---  and with the VPN as well, one of the issues is scavenging, you have to get real aggressive on the scavenging, otherwise it could fall out of date.

    Lex  30:18 ---  That's true.

    Kelly  30:23 ---  Do your legs and Jordan in inventory is there a way to have it removed the IP on a machine entry laptop that is not checked in over a certain period of time other than deleting since old machine does not check in, it retains the IP and inventory that was assigned to a different machine. Thanks, Chris G.

    Jordan  30:46 ---  Um, unfortunately, as long as it is scanning, there's nothing you can change. If you set one to not allow scan, you can change some information, I'm not sure if we're going to open that and see if IP is one that you can do. So if it's if you don't allow scanning, you can modify that by hand. But if you have scan enabled, which sounds like on these windows, there's no real way to go in and change that without I guess some sort of SQL query that I wouldn't want to mess with.

    Kelly  31:21 ---  All right, our final question of the day guys, can we get a custom package library one, we maintain privately, Marcel L.

    Jordan  31:31 ---  So one idea that we have had for that is basically templates where we don't provide the file and users have to supply the install file themselves. There's just something we just weren't able to do. So if something like that. If you built the template in XML and had it in like the PDQ Reddit where people could just use that and then just know they have to supply the install file. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But I don't know if I'm

    JJ  32:00 ---  bypassed.. wanting something like chocolatey? Yeah, I'm sort of the way they do it where it's community driven, like a community driven package library?

    Jordan  32:12 ---  Yeah. And as far as going into the, like, if we did use the read whatever word that exe provided, I can't vouch for the legal side of that. I don't know enough. I just know we can't provide the install file, but that should technically work.

    Lex  32:25 ---  Yeah, XML is the instructions. So for the install,

    Jordan  32:29 ---  yeah, the PDQ reddit is pretty open if we want to go to the channel for that where we're supplied XML supports such a thing I don't think that's a bad idea.

    Kelly  32:43 ---  Yeah, we have one straggler question guys. Sometimes I'm confused with packages to choose in PDQ Deploy for example between Adobe DC Adobe patch I have to go to the library to read the differences between versions and then I go back into Windows to deploy the one I want. Is that possible to add comments directly when we deploy? Damion s

    Jordan  33:09 ---  and we comment and I guess in what sense we when we deploy so as far as tracking down which one Adobe is at that's a that's amazed from the media I did a lot of testing on that we get lost in which one to download. If you download it you can modify the description on one of those I think that maintains I can

    Kelly  33:28 ---  Yeah, Colby says the downloaded packages retain that info in their descriptions field. Copy be me again.

    Jordan  33:34 ---  And also he was very sure Well, mine ended in a question mark.

    Lex  33:39 ---  Just gonna quit making your voice go up at the end of the sentence. I am Jordan?

    Jordan  33:45 ---  He just reads whatever we put on the prompter. No, I hope not. I hope not. All right. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for the chat for making it seem like I'm smarter than I am and took credit for most of your work and I don't even feel bad about it. But

    Kelly  34:01 ---  dude, do you want the totals? Oh, yeah, was the total right let's let's give you the totals today. The audience came in with eight points. Not bad. Lex had 11 and Jordan dominated with 15. Well done. It

    Jordan  34:16 ---  is nice when cheating pays off.

    JJ  34:18 ---  Don't forget my dollar sign. Yeah,

    Jordan  34:20 ---  JJ got the dollar sign and the way everything is, dollar sign wins.

    Lex  34:23 ---  Money Money.

    Jordan  34:26 ---  Alright, yeah, so we're looking at the champion through only minimal cheating. Hopefully turning next week, we're gonna have another great show for you for PDQ.com.
    Kelly  34:34 ---  I'm Jordan. Thank you for joining our webcast today. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our support forums. We appreciate you watching our webcast and we will see you back here next week.

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    JJ is a technical creative. He finds joy in programming, automation, and in participating in the artistic sides of things. You'll often find him drinking on Thursdays on the PDQ webcast, rambling and raging remotely at the Bermuda Triangle/heisenbug-tier tech at the studio in SLC.

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