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Support Introduces a Health & Wellness Program

Stephanie WarnerStephanie Warner

Over the years, has gradually ramped up its capability of offering a full-fledged health and wellness program to its employees. The perks are offered in many different forms. The program is one of the many benefits the company extends to its entire crew.

Since going completely remote, the health and wellness team had to pivot and quickly brainstorm a way to keep it going by incorporating the program live at home.

What does Health and Wellness in the Workplace Mean?

Health and Wellness in the workplace refers to a company's ability to encourage, advocate, and support its employees' overall health (physical, mental, etc.). This also includes the capability of improving one's health.

Why are Health and Wellness Programs Beneficial to Companies and their Employees?

Employees who are in high spirits, satisfied and healthy are likely to be more productive (both in-office or remote), take on less healthcare costs, and maintain a more positive sense of morale. Health and wellness programs are essential to not only many current employees but prospective talent as well. We find many applicants are drawn to our health and wellness perks in the recruitment process. Wellness programs also allow more opportunities for employees to feel a sense of community in the workplace. Anything to bring employees closer together by working together promotes a positive work-life balance and lifestyle.

What are the Benefits Included in’s Health and Wellness Program?

There are many perks has incorporated into molding a strong program for health and wellness. does extensive research each year to ensure our benefits are at the top of our competitive industry. Some of our benefits include:

100% Insurance Premiums Paid – pays 100% of all premiums for your entire family. This includes medical, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability, life & ADD, and paid leave in addition to the STD/LTD and federal and state-mandated leave. If you'd rather go the HSA route, offers an employer HSA contribution to anyone electing an HSA qualified plan. Our insurance company also provides multiple wellness programs to earn HSA money or other benefits by meeting goals such as step counts, going to the gym, etc.

Relaxation Room- offers a relaxation room (in office) that employees are free to book out in 30-minute increments.

On-Site Fitness Center- Our on-site fitness center includes plenty of equipment to get a full workout in when desired.

Personal Training Sessions (On-Site)- There are many opportunities to book 1-hour personal training sessions when working on-site (not available while doing remote work).

Virtual Zoom Workouts and Yoga Sessions- Other fitness benefits include daily workouts with Paul and Yoga with Alisha every week. PDQ founders (along with the Health and Wellness team at implemented this perk when the company went remote during the pandemic. 

Daily Fitness Challenges – During Phase 1 of the remote health and wellness roll out, the health and wellness team posted daily fitness challenges that employees could opt-in on and participate in by being tagged throughout the day. Each day was a different exercise.

Unlimited Snack Room- Yes, it is full of HEALTHY snacks too. We cannot speak for self-control on the not so healthy stuff. Everyone needs a piece of chocolate or a gummy worm sometimes, for mental health purposes.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Offered- Employees are offered up to 27 hours VTO annually to give back to the community at any organization(s) they choose, and are encouraged to use it!

Flexible Time Off Policy (FTO)- offers an FTO policy to its employees, giving them the flexibility to take time off without stressing over how many hours they have accumulated during employment. 

Standing Desks/Walking Treadmills- All employees on-site receive a mechanical standing desk in their workspace. If desired, we will even throw in a walking treadmill to keep up on your daily step count.

Individual Offices- Want your own office? You got it. Would you rather work in a public space? No problem. However, is not about that cubicle life!

Daily Catered Lunches- Free catered lunches for all employees from the best local restaurants in the area. This perk helps keep our employees happy and reduces the need to leave the office during the day.

All Hands-on Deck Breaks, “Whiskey Time”- Just because.

4 Day Workweek- believes in a true work-life balance, which is one of the reasons we operate on a 4-day workweek. On the other hand, employees understand there may be times a 4-day workweek is not always feasible, and additional hours (such as during an emergency) may be necessary. Our employees are still happy to do so.

Team Building Activities – Whether fitness related or not, consistently engages in team-building activities to keep employees and teams intermingled.

Employee Assistance Program – offers an EAP through our insurance, which offers free counseling services to employees and family members on their policy.

401K Matching- will match up to 6% of your salary in their 401K matching program for financial wellness! 

There are many ways to incorporate and endorse health and wellness both in the workplace as well as for remote employees. We are constantly working on improving our capabilities of offering a very strong health and wellness program. Not only does this help our employees maintain and improve productivity, it also encourages and promotes overall happiness both in and outside of work. When implemented properly, health and wellness programs give employees the encouragement, motivation, support, and incentives to embrace and maintain healthier lifestyles, behaviors, and mindsets.

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