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PDQ.com Playlist of Horror Movies

Alyssa WinslowAlyssa Winslow

With Halloween around the corner, we thought it would be cool to share some of our favorite spine-chilling, bone-rattling, hair standing on end, films with you. I took the initiative to ask our team about their go-to horror movies and which ones they would recommend. Who knew that we have an office full of horror flick junkies? Also…depending on your tolerance level of creepy content…you may want to proceed with caution. Muahaha (that is my evil laugh in case anyone is wondering). And with that…

let’s do this thang!

PDQ.com Playlist of Horror – 21 Movies to Make Your Skin Crawl

Get Out

Is a 2017 American-horror film centered on an African-American who uncovers a disturbing secret when he meets the family of his white girlfriend. Sounds thrilling right?

The Others

– Emily, our Project Manager, says she would rank, “The Others” as one of her all-time favorites just because it’s so unique. It’s about a woman during WWII who has two kids who are allergic to the sun. Her husband is absent as a wartime soldier. She has no electricity due to the war and she hires three servants to help her with her large estate. With that in mind, you can only imagine what happens with an essentially single war-time mother, in a large, creepy, mansion right?

The Exorcist (1973)

This 1973 American supernatural horr


movie is about a 12-year-old girl possed by a demon and her mother’s attempts to win her back through an exorcism conducted by two priests. Shelby, one of our sales representatives said it freaked her out so much that she probably would never see it again. To be honest I will probably never see this movie…but if demons and supernatural horror flicks are your thing, then you may want to check this one out.

Trick r’ Treat

Follows four different stories that all relate and have the same bad guy. A mysterious child dressed in footie pajamas, a burlap sack on his head, and carrying a pumpkin sucker. Now a word of caution, you may want to watch out if you see someone like this trick or treat at your house this year. If someone who fits this description does show up on your doorstep just slam the door shut and deadbolt the lock asap. It might not even hurt to run like 

h-e-double hockey sticks.  

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

This movie is about well-meaning rednecks who are mistaken for killers by a group of clueless college students. Now if comedic horror movies were my cup a tea…then I’d most definitely watch this one on Halloween. I mean what’s scarier than a couple of rednecks and college students?   

The Thing

This science fiction horror film is based on the novel

Who Goes There?

by John W. Campbell. The plot includes a team of Norwegian and American scientists who discover a threatening alien submerged deep in the thick ice of Antarctica. Unfortunately for them, they realize just a little too late that it is still alive. I’m sure you can guess what kinds of things these poor souls have to deal with.

The Orphanage

(This is a movie with subtitles). That aside, this spine-tingling flick is sure not to disappoint. A family moves to an old orphanage where the mother grew up. Their son mysteriously disappears and the orphanage is predictably creepy. What more needs to be said?

Black Sheep (2006)

 This movie is your typical comedy B-horror film. It involves genetically altered sheep that prey on humans and turn their victims into undead, woolly killers. Sounds intriguing right? This one may need to go on your 2018 horror movie must see list.

Rubber (2011)

Another comedic horror flick with a car tire that comes to life. This eerie phenomenon also has the power to make people explode. Yikes. And not only that, it goes on a murderous rampage through the Californian desert praying on helpless humans. Yes, I know what you must be thinking…or maybe it’s just what I’m thinking. What the!?

The Cabin in the Woods

Five friends go to a remote cabin and… well, you can see where that’s headed.


No, despite what you may have thought, this movie isn’t about dual pants that turn into shorts, double-sided tape, or some fancy pocket knife. It’s much deeper and thought-provoking than those things. In this movie, an electronics salesman is driving cross-country on a two-lane highway when he encounters an old oil tanker driven by an unseen driver…ooo I get chills just talking about it. Simply put, if you haven’t already seen this movie, do.

11 Down 10 to go…I Know You’re Probably Scared, but Keep Reading!


 This film involves two young girls abandoned in a forest cabin…now my eyebrows are already raised and I’m kind of skeptical…I mean who abandons their children in a deep dark forest? Annnyway these two abandoned orphans are then raised by an unknown, and might I add, an extremely creepy entity that they fondly call “Mama.” Eeeeh..I’m totally breaking out in a cold sweat. This thing eventually follows them to their new suburban home led by two adults after their uncle retrieves them.


This movie is your typical Amercian horror. It begins with an ordinary family who is haunted after the death of their secretive grandmother. The struggle is real people…some folks really do have cranky old grandmothers who they can’t get rid of even when they leave this life.

Scream (the original)


follows the character of a high school student in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. This lucky soul then becomes the target of a mysterious killer known as Ghostface. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

Conjuring  (the original)


he Warrens come to help the Perron family, who have been experiencing increasingly disturbing events in their farmhouse. The oddities seem somewhat innocent at first…but before long both the Perron and Warren family are scared right out of their pants as events escalate and become even more horrifying. Dun. Dun. Dun.

The Babadook

This film suggests that a child’s fear of monsters lurking under the bed or in the closest is legitimate. Again, a poor single mom struggles to help her son’s fear of monsters after her husband’s death. She soon realizes it’s not just his imagination, but that an ominous presence is all around.

A Quiet Place

 This post-apocalyptic horror film is intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat, couch, beanbag, or banana chair. A family must live in silence while hiding from extraterrestrials that hunt by sound and that as a viewer you only catch quick glimpses of. Essentially if they hear you, they hunt you. Now isn’t that a life of sunshine and roses?

When a Stranger Calls (1979)

This movie takes prank calls over the top. It’s not just your, “Hello is your refrigerator running?” type scenario. A high school babysitter starts receiving odd phone calls and soon realizes they are no joke. She calls the police and to her absolute horror discovers that the phone calls are coming from inside the house she’s babysitting at. Yikes! So, on a side note… don’t let your 13-year-old daughter watch this movie if she ever decides to dive into the lucrative babysitting industry. It might scar her forever and ever.  

Insidious (1 & 2)

Let’s just say that even looking at the movie posters for this film totally creeped me out.  There’s a chance you might get a little creeped out yourself if you choose this flick for your Halloween viewing pleasure. This movie series is about a boy who enters a comatose state and because of that, becomes a vessel for ghosts and the family is haunted by horrendous demons. Also, just a thought…why do horror movies always have to make otherwise cute kids suuuper unnerving and creepy?  

Event Horizon (1997)


Our Graphic Designer, Josh, likes this movie and says that the sound mixing and editing are SO good that it makes you jump over and over again. You won’t be able to relax through the whole movie. Josh goes on to say, “It even makes you forgive the film for having some bad special effects and corny scenes.”

The Descent (2005)

Is another movie that according to Graphic Designer Josh, deserves the jumpy award. The happy setting soon becomes tainted as the main characters’ roles change from anti-hero, to victims very quickly. Josh says, “The effects are subtle and poignant and the scenes are shot in a way that forces your imagination to fill in the gaps. It’s scary. It makes you look around the room checking for flesh-eating monsters.”

A Halloween to Remember

Now if you complain about not knowing what to do this Halloween, we don’t want to hear it. We just gave you 21 Halloween approved movies for your viewing pleasure. And ironically all of them go really well with Halloween candy. If you want to know my preference, I’ll probably be grabbing a handful of fun-sized Twix candy bars and watching Casper The Friendly Ghost,  Hocus Pocus, or The Nightmare Before Christmas…but that’s just me. Happy Halloween guys!

-Alyssa and Your Favorite




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