PDQ's top five downloaded packages of 2019

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Jake Holt|November 12, 2019
PDQ.com's top five downloaded packages
PDQ.com's top five downloaded packages
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With over 200 packages, the Package Library is your go-to source for all the applications that your end-users keep bugging you about. Also, we’re constantly adding new ones in order to stay consistent with the ever-changing needs of the software world.

It's well known that PDQ users love the Package Library but which specific packages get the most love? We’re going to go through the top five.

5) Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

Windows 10

Microsoft likes to keep their flagship OS nice and fresh from time to time, and with our Windows Update packages, you can quickly and easily make sure that everyone in the office gets those updates before they even know that they needed them.

4) Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash

Since this article we truly hope nobody is deploying Adobe Flash since it has reached EOL. Rather, you should be removing Flash.

3) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox remains very popular as a go-to platform with 38.2 million active users monthly, according to the Firefox Public Data Report. And PDQ Deploy users are among those numbers.

2) Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader DC

You get a .PDF and you get a .PDF and everyone gets a .PDF! The Portable Document Format is an ever-trusty way to edit and share documents, and Adobe Reader DC is the go-to tool to do so.

1) Google Chrome

Google Chrome

And it’s not even close. Google Chrome is far and away the most widely-used web browser in the world, with a whopping 55.4% of the total market share for web browsers, according to an article on Tech Advisor. And because everyone needs Chrome, that means it’s system administrators’ job to make sure all end users have it. And the PDQ Deploy Package Library has it nicely-wrapped and ready to go, just for you.

So there you have it. The top five. Any surprises? Any notable snubs that you thought should have made the list? Let us know.

Most Downloaded Packages :

Least Downloaded Packages:

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Jake Holt

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