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PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2017

Kris PowellKris Powell

Seems like so long ago, but I recently had the chance to attend the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2017. In addition to enjoying some tasty food (haha), it was an amazing opportunity to learn, interact, and network with the top experts in the world of PowerShell. 

Would I repeat? You betcha!

What is the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit?

The Summit is a chance for people (such as myself) to network and spend time with the top experts in the world of PowerShell, listen to presentations, and meet the PowerShell team. It is centered around PowerShell and DevOps and the problems/solutions that many of us face.

As opposed to many large conferences these days, the Summit is a tight-knit group of around 250 people. As a result, you really get the opportunity to discuss current issues with managing the modern workplace.

All of this all takes place over the course of four days starting in the morning and continuing into the evening. So, that gives you plenty of time to engage fellow attendees as well as the Microsoft MVP’s, PowerShell developers, and so on and so forth.

To put it lightly, it was a whirlwind of info and experience. And, for four wonderful days, I got to take part in this whirlwind.


As I debated with myself over which topics to cover in detail, I realized that I would be better off summarizing some takeaways of the Summit. In other words, there is simply too much detail to cover in a single blog post.

At any rate, I need more time for the info to truly sink in. In time, I’ll try to get some blog posts to cover some of the topics that I enjoyed learning more about.

On that note, here are my takeaways in no particular order:

  • PowerShell 6 is coming (if you didn’t already know).

    • Hybrid operating system (OS) management via PowerShell core and SSH.

    • PowerShell on macOS, Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch Linux, etc?

  • Visual Studio Code is becoming the standard editor in hybrid OS environments.

  • The PowerShell community is starting to really emerge as a true community.

  • PowerShell needs more content – at all skill levels.

    • PDQ.com will continue this trend with PowerShell blogs. 🙂

  • Testing needs to be a higher priority (with unit tests and



  • Debugging skills needs to be honed.

  • Error handling skills need to be honed.

  • Desired State Configuration (DSC) keeps getting better and better.

  • …and much more!

Wrapping Up

In short, it felt like the chance of a lifetime to engage with fellow PowerShell aficionados, including the team who developed PowerShell itself. Until recently, I had never experienced anything quite like it and I hope to enjoy it again in the future.

Plus, it was amazing to see Jeffrey Snover, the ShellFather, participate in the sessions by asking delightfully pointed questions. 🙂 That man truly enjoys seeing us collaborate and apply our knowledge of PowerShell.

Seriously, if you ever get the chance to attend the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit, I highly suggest that you take it!

So, until next time, folks!

Happy PowerShelling!


As some of you may be aware, some of the sessions had videos created and are available on YouTube. Sadly, there were some tech issues that prevented all sessions from being available.

But, you can still check them out here


YouTube – PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017

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