Random Mono-Syllabic Grunts On The Sys-Admin Scene

Sneakin' about

Photo by MJTR Photostream
  1. Replace your complaining time with actually improving your Sys Admin skills. You’ll thank me later.
  2. Outsourcing is like beer: You get what you pay for*
  3. *Except for that time you bought a $13 beer PBR
  4. I am an admin who has never seen one episode of Dr. Who
  5. I am the same admin who knows that any tech question can be sufficiently answered by quoting
    Monty Python
  6. Sometimes I secretly wish I was the Del key on your laptop
  7. If your last tweet detailed what you had for lunch then I don’t want to know you
  8. If your last tweet detailed what you had for lunch while you were deploying Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 125 computers then I definitely want to know you.
  9. I don’t want to hear about your dream**
  10. ** Especially if I appeared in or around it
  11. I usually spend a few moments in silence after hearing someone tell me about a technical problem that they are experiencing. The silence comes across as “hey, this guy is thinking about a solution” but in reality I’m searching for an appropriate Mencken quote.
  12. My step-father would actually read Mary Worth. No, I’m not kidding.
  13. Spending 7 straight hours troubleshooting WMI security issues will breeze by with a little technical assistance from Ouzo. (Solution quality may vary)