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Slowdown on URL shortening

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

I love TinyURL. I’ve used them for two years. I’ve donated to their cause and I use them constantly. I suppose it’s this love affair that helped the following blog jump out at me.

Brian Krebbs points out in his Security Fix blog that spammers and virus writers have gotten wise to our love, and now thanks to Twitter, our dependence upon URL shortening sites (over 90 strong and growing).

The upshot seems to be that there isn’t a universal approach to URL shortening. For safety purposes you need to know where that URL is taking you. Brian suggests several tools which allow URL expansion.

I suppose it’s a good example of two steps forward and one step back. My Facebook friend Gary just reported that he got hit with one of these viruses and that the bugger completely hosed his HD. Anyone else got horror stories or suggested solutions?

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