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System Admins Take Control – PICC ’11 Conference

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

The Professional IT Community Conference (PICC) 2011 is prepping for it’s second year. The location is New Brunswick, New Jersey and it’s time again to see what happens when sys admins organize a conference for their fellow sys admins.

When we learned of PICC last year we were excited because it’s rare that sys admins come up from their dungeons long enough to meet a new office worker, let alone venturing out to organize a conference.

Matt Simmons (of Standalone SysAdmin fame) is one of the organizers, which is how we learned of this conference. We were so impressed last year with Matt and William’s organization of the conference that we wanted to help them in any way that we could. So we sweetned the pie, so to speak.

All attendees of last years conference received AA Console (formerly Admin Arsenal) at no cost. This year, we’re doing the same, but also throwing in PDQ Deploy Pro, our new software deployment tool.

If you’re in the Northeast I recommend registering (early-bird special ends April 4). You’ll be rubbing shoulders with sys admins who have felt your pains and found ways to work through the messes. You’ll also be networking with others who need to know what you have learned through your blood, sweat, toil, and tears.

Remember, attendees walk away with Admin Arsenal tools at no cost. No strings attached. 

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