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I was watching one of my stories the other day, and I remembered how one of my sisters told me that the main actor is English but putting on an American accent*. On a whim in the middle of the show I decided to find out if it was true. I jumped to the Internet Movie Database and in seconds I found out that it was indeed accurate. More amazing than the fact that my sister was correct, is how quickly I was able to find the information.

It made me think, as short as 20 years ago, how would I have been able to know? I would probably have had to go to the library, or call around to some friends who were movie buffs, or just put it into the back of my mind as one of life’s great mysteries. Today, though, I don’t even think twice about how easily I can find information. It’s not that 20 years ago I was missing the ability, and tapping my fingers impatiently waiting for the day when the answer would be just a few keystrokes away. No, it was just how life was and life went on. 

So it makes me wonder, what does the next 20 years hold? In the year 2029, what will we have that will make us look back and wonder how we were even able to get up in the morning without it. The mind boggles. I don’t dare try to predict what the future holds, but there are two things that I can be certain about: It will not be quite the way anyone predicts it will be; and it will be awesome.

But, of course, now I am tapping my fingers impatiently awaiting the day that the answer won’t even require any keystrokes…

* The actor, for those who are curious, is Damian Lewis.

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