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Top 10 Righteous Malware Uses

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

We all know that malware is evil, but like most evil things there are some valid uses for them (that’s true, right? Evil things can have uses, even in a Time Bandits sort of way? I thought so.)

Well, in case you don’t believe me, here are the top 10 uses for malware that don’t require you to be evil. 

10. As a little present for the Nigerian 419 scammers when you send them your computer password so they can get your bank account numbers.

9. Any prank involving that guy from sales who keeps making fun of your tradeshow t-shirts.

8. Keyboard logging on your dad’s computer so you can see what he typed right before “it broke and I swear I didn’t change anything!”

7. Creating an unscheduled downtime emergency to get excused from a boring meeting.

6. Watching for references to computers on Hollywood scriptwriting computers and making the necessary changes so that the plot is somewhat in touch with reality.

5. Infecting the BIOS of your uncle’s 12 year old Packard Bell computer so you can finally convince him that it’s time to upgrade.

4. Making OS X feel more familiar to Windows users.

3. Showing up that obnoxious jerk at the class reunion by taking over the slide projector and showing Photo-shopped pictures of him in his underwear.

2. Shutting down a real estate developer’s computers to prevent the destruction of a building housing a rag-tag group of lovable orphans.

1. Defcon groupies.

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