Webcast Recap: Dev Deep Dive

Alyssa Winslow|November 22, 2019
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PDQ's Build Process Uncovered

Have you ever wondered how PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory are developed? Curious how we decide which features go in each release? Two weeks ago, our Dev team discussed our build process along with the what, why, and how we make that special sauce that keeps you coming back for more. Catch up with some of the questions that were asked or just watch the video below:

Question: Does PDQ's software undergo regular code audits from independent security companies?

Question: Does PDQ scan all packages with a service such as VirusTotal prior to adding them to the Package Library?

Yes! We have many different security steps in the packaging and publishing process and scanning them in VirusTotal is just one of many. - Colby

Question: Theoretically it sounds like the nightly will have partial feature code?

Question: Why was the decision made to completely deprecate the agent and is it planned to be re-released at some point?

Question: What is the process happening when using the in app update "Download and Install" vs. running a manually downloaded MSI?

Check for update

Question: Does the PDQ Deploy CLI support the use of the "Scan User" specified in Inventory?

Question: When will PDQ add Deploy and Inventory to the Package Library? (Automatic updates)

Question: What kind of beard oil do you use to tame that beast?

Wrapping Up

Thanks for recapping

Well, that's a wrap for this deep dive. Hopefully, your knowledge of our development process is clear as mud; I mean clear as glass. Thanks for catching up with us and make sure you mark your calendars Thursdays at 10AM MT for more PDQ Live.

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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