Webcast Recap: PDQ&A Holiday - 2019 Edition

Alyssa Winslow|December 20, 2019
Feature image - PDQ & A Holiday Edition
Feature image - PDQ & A Holiday Edition

We hate to break it to ya, but December PDQ & A already happened. Don't panic it's ok, that's why you're reading this week's webcast recap. We completely understand, even if you may have been catching up on your Christmas movie marathon instead of catching up with us. It's all good, at least you have your priorities straight. Honestly, there’s no hard feelings, Clark Griswald is pretty popular this time of year, we get it... so whatever.

OK, all joking aside, you know we love our customers! And this post is all about you and your questions, so don't miss the opportunity to review them with us now. This is your time to shine as bright as the Christmas lights on Griswald's house, so let's get to it!

PDQ & A - Holiday Style

  • Question: IRT DNS aging and scavenging, should I only enable those settings on one DNS server? I have 2 AD/DNS servers. 1:29

  • Question: Can you create an option to do Central Server updates from the consoles for ultimate laziness? 2:37

  • Question: Do you have any tips to get Office 2019 deployment working now that Microsoft has changed the install procedure? 4:05

  • Question: My PDQ Inventory service crashes a lot and needs to be restarted near daily. What should I look at as the issue? 4:54

  • Question: I can invoke deploy in PowerShell, is there a PowerShell command to list running deployments? 6:18

  • Question: What is the best recommended Bourbon to put in my Lex tumbler? 8:09

  • Question: If we invoke PDQ deploy via PowerShell and the package fails, can we make that send a failure report out via email? 12:32

  • Question: Sanity test - Deploy Google Drive FS ( to a machine with an older version. Does it work? 14:47

  • Question: Can you provide an option for "Deploy Once" on a schedule so that you can run the schedule as a one off on a single pc? 16:53

  • Question: How can I get machines recently added to show up in PDQ Inventory a lot faster? 19:50

modify the sync in PDQ Inventory
  • Question: How can I create a Report to find all Domain Users in Local PC's Administrators Group? 20:41

  • Question: Have you heard of people using PDQ Deploy for managing Adobe CC? Recommendations? 22:07

  • Question: What's the best way to auto-deploy a package (Ex:Chrome) to machines that do not have said package? ex: Newly imaged PCs. 24:01

PDQ Inventory collection - Google Chrome
  • Question: Follow-up, I want to be lazy like Lex and update Central Server from the client console, make it so? 25:19

  • Question: Can one prioritize scheduled scans? Or maybe in the plans for the future? 26:00

  • Question: How often should the PDQd and PDQi DBs be optimized...maybe allow this process through the console in the future? 27:48

  • Question: Better way to resolve "Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user..." during scan/deploy other. 29:04

  • Question: Can you trigger an AD sync in Inventory via PowerShell? 29:54

  • Question: Best practices when running a multi domain environment and tracking dynamic collections separately? 30:32

Your Holiday PDQ & A is Officially Wrapped

Thanks for making it to the end of this post and taking the time to catch up on the latest and greatest. If you don't want to miss out next time, tune in to our live webcast Thursdays at 10AM MT. See you then and Happy Holidays!

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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