Webcast Recap: PDQ&A October 2019

Alyssa Winslow|Updated January 19, 2021
Webcast Recap
Webcast Recap

PDQ&A is always a fan favorite. Check out what you may have missed last week right now. It's almost as if you were there and haven't missed a beat!

Have questions? Well, we have answers!

  • Question: So why does PDQ Deploy’s Package Library not offer a package to update Deploy and Inventory? :27

  • Question: New to PDQ and would like to see the process of deploying software that has multiple steps and a serial key added. 1:51

  • Question: Can I remove the option to disable updates in the Google Chrome package? 4:44

  • Question: Is there a way to ask for packages to be added to the library? Looking for Navisworks Freedom. 5:44

  • Question: Can PDQ Deploy deploy software to users in an OU? We have software specific to departments. Or do I need to create a target list manually? 6:51

Software deployments to target machines
  • Question: Best practice for moving PDQ Inv. & Dep. from Admin PC to Hyper V server? 8:25

  • Question: How do I get PDQ to function without having to restart services EVERYDAY. Since the 17.2 update and now with 9:20

  • Question: If you had to highlight a weakness of PDQ currently, what are your next steps to address this in future? 10:17

  • Question: Is there an easy way to figure out if Chrome is a 32-bit installation? The Collection Library does not specify. 11:29

  • Question: If you build a new agent, can we tie it back to the on-premises install? 13:46

  • Question: Is there a way to get a PDQ notification summary email when the job is started through command line (cli)? 15:19

Command-line notification Name

Reports > Notifications... then pass through as a string

notification name
  • Question: What does the future hold for the Agent, or is it a secret? 16:31

  • Question: How can I retrieve the key for Acrobat products? 17:10

  • Question: Any plans for a web or mobile interface? It would be nice for techs to deploy quickly in the field. 18:16

  • Question: PDQ Dark Mode? It's all the rage. 19:26

  • Question: I have a lot of schedules; any chance of adding a column to see progress on the whole list quickly instead of one by one? 20:27

All deployments
  • Question: Where is the value for Computer/Hardware/Print queues pulled from? I can't stop some old network printers from still showing. 21:45

  • Question: Last webcast, PDQ was hammered with User/appdata install questions. Any chance we might see some action taken on this? 22:45

  • Question: Are there plans for some kind of PDQ Software Catalog like SCCM has? 24:47

  • Question: On Inventory, under "Current User" list, some of my users have "(locked)" next to their names. What does that mean? 26:02

  • Question: I’m upgrading to O365. I have PC;s with O2013 and O2010 so how do I make PDQ choose the proper uninstall script? 28:47

That's all folks!

Thanks for checking in and catching up. Next week we'll review what Lex and Jordan covered this week, "Things You Want To Know About PowerShell, But Are Too Afraid To Ask."

Until next week then!

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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