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Windows 7 UAC – still the (en)rage?

PDQ Team

I was happy to learn that Microsoft did indeed hear the screaming & lamenting from their Vista users on the all-or-none

implementation of UAC

. In fact, not only has Microsoft learned from this experience but they’ve also added some really cool features.

First comes the ability to make some changes as a standard user, including improving the readability of the screen without making the change to the entire system. Plus, the changes are easier for non-IT users, simply increasing the size of the screen by a percentage rather than delving into a discussion of screen resolution.

This may seem a trivial issue, but anything that lessons the calls to a Help Desk IT administrator is a good thing.

The “user in control” motto for Microsoft is paying off.

P.S. Interestingly I learned that Microsoft’s use of UAC was as much for developers as it was for users. According to Mark Russinovich, too many developers were writing code which either required or assumed that the user would be running with admin rights. The UAC therefore hopefully poked and prodded the developers to scrutinize their code to determine if elevated rights were indeed a necessity.

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