Windows 8 – A Radical Change for Redmond

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Windows 8 could bring tablets to business

Hats off to the folks in Redmond for making Windows 8 exciting to read about.

As seen on slashdot, PCPro discussed some of Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming Windows 8 release, and it looks cool.

  • Same interface for both touch and traditional screens
  • Windows Desktop “effectively demoted to an app”
  • Windows apps can be written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and as well as C and C++
  • App store
  • Syncing apps across all Win8 devices

While it’s obvious to see the consumer appeal here, it will be interesting to see how businesses respond. I rarely find myself saying this but if Microsoft can make their Metro Style Apps work well in business settings (meaning centralized management) then they will beat Apple to the punch.

OK, disclaimer time. Regular readers of this blog will know a few things. 1) We make Windows software, 2) everyone in our company uses a Mac, and 3) we love both. (I’m writing this blog on my MacBook Air with my trusty iPad2 and Android next to me.)

With the disclaimers out of the way, I can now say that the GAPING hole in the iPad arsenal is the lack of centralized management. I’m really excited to see what Microsoft comes up with. So far (let’s be honest everyone) Microsoft is copying Apple’s approach to tablet computing and app stores. But Microsoft can take the lead with business.

Allow businesses to track their tablet hardware like they do with their servers and workstations.

Back in January I wrote the following blog on a story about the number of XP OS’s still in use:

"I'm beginning to wonder if Win7 will surpass 50% by the time Windows 8 goes to Release Candidate. I'm still hoping to see a huge advantage to Windows 8 - the feature I just can't live without. At this point I wouldn't even care if it came from Cupertino first - just give us something awesome."

C’mon Redmond, we’ve been waiting a long time to see you announce something super cool… please don’t let this be another Vista.