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100,000 Downloads of PDQ Deploy


We at Admin Arsenal are thrilled to announce that since it’s first release PDQ Deploy has been downloaded by 100,000 sys admins around the world! 100,000 Windows sys admins can’t be wrong, can they? 

Here are a few thoughts from the founding members of Admin Arsenal responsible for releasing the first download of PDQ Deploy in 2010.

“With all the talk of mobile and cloud, desktops still play the central role in 

business computing.

Unlike a consumer app where a single download might apply to one or two computers, our users are IT admins and they support hundreds even thousands of computers. These 100,000 downloads mean that PDQ Deploy has been used to install apps on millions of Windows computers. When employees get to work they don’t sit at their desk and start working on their phones. They log into their desktop or laptop and start working. 

We’re very pleased with this accomplishment.”

-Shawn Anderson, CEO/Co-founder


“This is a great milestone, hitting six figures. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we got our first download. It’s been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to the next 100k.”

-Adam Ruth, Co-founder/Application Developer



“100,000 thank yous for trying out PDQ Deploy.”

 -Gwen Hilyard, Technical Manager




“Wow. People actually use this software?”

-Shane Corellian, Co-founder/Design & Support 

From the whole team here at Admin Arsenal, thank you!

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