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…and you’re using a desktop PC why, again?

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

It’s vacation time for the Anderson clan. My brother and his family will be spending three weeks with us (doesn’t telecommuting rock?). While setting up his workspace and lab I was a little surprised to see that he packed his personal desktop with his two work laptops. The desktop is on its last legs and he plans on replacing it with a new laptop when it goes off with the elephants to die.

It got me thinking about who among us are still using desktops. My wife and I abandoned desktops in 2004 and we’ve never looked back. We currently have seven laptops in our family, four personal and three for my company. (OK, I also maintain an Admin Arsenal virtual lab in my house, which runs off of Mac Minis, but even these are a smaller foot print than laptops.)

On the professional side I see some of our clients who have moved almost entirely to laptops. Once considered a prize for the traveling few, now laptops are becoming the norm. With processing and storage power to rival their desktop counterparts it’s becoming an attractive option for companies.

Even if your employees will never need to work from home or travel, using the laptop will reduce footprint on desks and on the ground.

John Morris from ZDNet recently discussed this very topic. Gizmodo John Hermann provides a pretty good comparison chart for pros/cons of laptop vs. desktop. If you’re a hardcore developer or a process intensive graphic designer you may want to stay the course with beefed up desktops, while others may want to test the laptop waters.

It’s interesting to see the new products being announced. You hear surprisingly little from the desktop world these days. It seems that all the cool engineering is steered in the other direction.

Signs of things to come.

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