Announcing PDQ Deploy 3.1 beta

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Shawn Anderson|Updated January 19, 2021
Announcing PDQ Deploy 3.1 Beta Test
Announcing PDQ Deploy 3.1 Beta Test
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    This version is a big deal because it introduces a new level in our PDQ Family; Enterprise.

    In short, PDQ Enterprise allows pro mode users with an active Advanced Subscription to share packages with other users. This is a common request that we’ve received and we’re really excited to bring it to beta. 

    PDQ Deploy 3.1 Beta Test

    Here are some other additions to PDQ Deploy 3.1.

    • Changed Advanced subscription to Enterprise (only affects current Advanced customers)

    • Bundled old Basic subscription into Pro mode

    • Added feature to share packages with other PDQ Deploy users (Enterprise)

    • Added ability to Deploy packages or steps the Deployment User in Interactive Mode

    • Moved License control from File menu to Preferences window

    • Added Sharing panel to Preferences Window

    • Added new icons to show when Packages and Folders are Shared

    • Upgraded DevExpress controls to fix certain Console problems on Windows 8.x touch


    Plus the general assortment of bug fixes and other enhancements… blah blah blah.

    I’m tired. We normally don’t celebrate fake holidays like Presidents Day or Columbus Day, but the whole office is dragging today (Presidents Day). I think everyone is just dreaming of the ski slopes. I feel like we’re running in sand. Shane just came into my office and mentioned that we should probably add Presidents Day to our list o’ paid holidays. Don’t tell our employees though, k. That stuff spreads. Quickly.

    Anyway, enjoy the beta. If you’re a current Advanced level subscriber then you can request an Enterprise key to test out the multi-user sharing features. After you upgrade look at the bottom of your PDQ Deploy console and if you need a new license you’ll see a link that says “A new license is available” (or something like that).  I suppose that I could just check it right now but that would require something that resembles work, and I’m tired enough as it is. I still need to post some sort of a picture since blogs are supposed to have pictures, or at least that’s what “they” tell me. 

    I think I’ll just post a photo of a photo with a link. Well on second thought I’ll just post the link. I don’t feel like asking permission to post their photo, even though I would be linking it to their order page. We have most of the posters in our office. I love ’em.

    We’ve been doing interviews the past week or so. The first poster that a person sees when they come into our office is a poster that pretty much calls them an idiot. Well, not them, exactly. Just anyone stupid enough to take a kayak down a waterfall

    I just looked at the Despair website. Did you know that they’ve been liked by over 370 million people? Just think, if every one of those people purchased a poster then Despair would make like 20 thousand dollars. 

    That’d be awesome. 


    Oh, you can get the PDQ Deploy 3.1 download here.

    company ShawnA
    Shawn Anderson

    Shawn is the co-founder of PDQ.

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