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Centrally Managing Firefox in Your Organization – Not Quite

PDQ Team

Mozilla’s reluctance to curry favor with corporate IT staffs is just one reason why Firefox is amazingly popular with individuals and less so with the corporate CIO. Since Mozilla seems content with their laissez-faire corporate stance, I wanted to see if others had successfully taken matters into their own hands.

Deploying Firefox is pretty easy and straight forward. But what about configuring, managing add-ons, locking down changes, or verifying compliance?

I started this post with the intent of showing the handy secrets of maintaining Firefox in a corporate environment. I looked, and researched, and finally came to the same conclusion as Michael Pietroforte from 4sysops.com, Mozilla obviously doesn’t care about the corporate customer.

One tool is FirefoxADM, which allows admins to enforce locked and defaulted settings via Group Policy. The problem is that it was last updated in 2005.The only other tool that I’ve found is FrontMotion.

If anyone knows of solutions for managing Firefox centrally I’d love to hear about it. I plan on loading FrontMotion onto Server 2008 (I don’t dare do so with FireFox ADM, since it hasn’t been updated in four years). If anything screams success I promise that I won’t keep it a secret.

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