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Collecting Computer Inventory in a Mixed Domain Environment

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

If you have a mixed domain environment, including some computers that are on your network but are not managed via Active Directory, then you know the pain of juggling multiple credentials.

Using multiple credentials is easy in PDQ Inventory. Simply to go to File > Preferences > Credentials and create as many credentials as you need. It’s in this area where you can change your default set of credentials. 

NOTE: Your default credentials is the username/password you provided when you first installed PDQ Inventory. 

Shane and Lex show how to manage multiple credentials, and how to assign credentials to specific computers. This example will illustrate how you can provide non-domain credentials to handle computers that may not be on a domain. In cases like thse you simply need to provide credentials for Local Accounts on the target computers.

That’s it. It’s pretty straight forward. 

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