Announcing new logos for PDQ Deploy and Inventory!

Black and White PDQ logo
PDQ|September 8, 2022
Announcing new logos for PDQ Deploy and Inventory!
Announcing new logos for PDQ Deploy and Inventory!

Beginning September 8, you might notice something a little different. We’ll save you the double take and come right out with it — we’re launching new logos for Deploy and Inventory!

Think of these logos as our love letter to the products that launched PDQ and continue to help sysadmins around the world. Let’s dig into the new logo designs and where you’ll see them.

Why a redesign?

Just like PDQ, our product logos need to be scalable and accessible for all our users. We made some changes to the logo design and color scheme to do just that. (Plus our marketing team was antsy for a makeover. It was the logos or our cargo shorts. Logos won.)

PDQ Deploy and Inventory logos comparing old logos to new logos

We wanted our logos to be both recognizable at a glance and legible at every size. We dropped the letters and used geometric designs that can scale up or down in size.

The logo shapes are minimalistic visualizations of the core functions of Deploy and Inventory:

  • Deploy: Identify and deploy the right package to endpoints

  • Inventory: Hone in on the specific machines that need updates

We chose colors that play nicely with the color palette of the PDQ logo but have enough color contrast to be accessible for all users, including people with impaired vision.

Where will I see the new logos?

Starting on September 8, these logos are rolling out across Deploy and Inventory products. You’ll see them throughout the PDQ website, official PDQ graphics, and splash screens inside the product. (You’ll also notice places we forgot to update them and point them out ruthlessly, we’re sure.)

PDQ Deploy and Inventory are here to stay. We love them, you love them, and they aren’t going anywhere. And with designs that are scalable, accessible, and pretty damn cool (if we might say so ourselves), these logos are one more way PDQ is investing in the future of Deploy and Inventory.

Black and White PDQ logo

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