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First Horseman of the IPocalypse

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

Photo by offwhitehouse

The first big event in the ongoing depletion of IPv4 address happened last week. The final two blocks of /8 addresses were allocated by ARIN to APNIC. This event triggered the allocation of all remaining blocks to the several RIRs.  This isn’t the end of the world, in that ARIN is only the top of the chain and it will take a few months for those addresses to get passed out to customers, at which point we’ll see the second horseman.

I still don’t think that this is something that we need to be panicked about, but it is certainly something to keep a watchful eye out for. Along those lines you will want to be aware of the upcoming IPv6 Day on the 8 June 2011 when some of the largest web sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! will fully enable IPv6 for their sites. It will be a good test, and none too soon.

If you haven’t been playing with IPv6 in your networks, now is the time. You may still have as much as a few years (depending on how much demand there is to recycle IPv4 addresses) but we are definitely living on borrowed time.

I, for one, welcome our new 128-bit overlords.

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