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PDQ Inventory: Streamline your systems management

Scan, collect, and organize your machines so deployments go exactly where you need them to.

PDQ Inventory mobile
PDQ Inventory mobile

The MacGyver of sysadmin tools

Free yourself and your team from pesky, repetitive tasks by unlocking powerful automations so everyone can focus on more important things.

Use our exhaustive custom computer groupings

Out of the box, PDQ Inventory automatically groups computers based on common data. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

  • View computers that have common installed applications

  • Examine hardware and operating systems across machines

  • Create your own collections based on custom criteria

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Custom computer grouping illustrationCustom computer grouping illustration

Report on exactly the information you need

Easily find the right information and share it with those who need it. Because when the boss is happy, everybody is happy.

  • Collect data about your machines with built-in reports

  • Create your own reports using custom filters or SQL queries

  • Print, export, save or email reports on a set schedule

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Illustration on PDQ reportsIllustration on PDQ reports

Take advantage of our extensive PowerShell scanner

Our PowerShell scanner takes software inventory management to a new level. If you can write a script for it, you can use that data.

  • Bring in the data you need by writing your own PowerShell scripts

  • Search our GitHub repository of scripts for the perfect solution

  • Keep your boss happy and become the envy of your peers

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Illustration of PowerShell scannerIllustration of PowerShell scanner

Trusted by thousands of companies, big and small

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Better together

Use PDQ Deploy and Inventory together to schedule automatic deployments to targeted machines with built-in customizable reports.

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Schedule your deployment

Select your software and set a schedule for automatically deploying new versions.

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Target specific machines

Identify individual devices or groups of machines that need a new version of your selected software.

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Sit back and relax

Let PDQ do the hard work while you sip on your favorite whiskey.
(We have recommendations.)

PDQ Inventory

Every little thing we do is magic

Active directory blue icon

Integrate with Active Directory for easy gathering of computer data

Group Blue icon

Create custom groupings of computers to run automated or manual scans on

Script Blue icon

Remotely execute commands, scripts, reboots and uninstalls

Group2 Blue icon

View curated groupings of computers using our Collection Library

Document Blue icon

Save and export reports — and track custom data like asset information

Scan Blue icon

Access our PowerShell scanner, CLI, and pre-built tools

Server Blue icon

Share servers and databases with other consoles

Question Blue icon

Find the answers you need with priority support and community forums

PDQ Deploy

Available with PDQ Deploy

While installed separately, Deploy & Inventory are packaged together. One license gets you both!

Offline Orange icon

Deploy to offline machines when they reconnect

Scan2 Orange icon

Scan devices after a deployment — and view deployment history

Password Orange icon

Integrate with Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

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Schedule software uninstalls at a mass-scale

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.