Take an Inventory of your Company’s Network

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PDQ Inventory scans your computers and collects hardware, software, and Windows configurations. In addition, PDQ Inventory allows you to run scan inventory reports, boot machines from Wake-On LAN, execute commands and remote desktop on target machines, and many other features.

Seeing what’s installed

PDQ Inventory initiates a scan on all of your computers that will collect the installed software, hardware, and certain configurations within Windows.
Knowing what’s installed on each computer allows you to group your computers based on what they have (or do not have) installed. These groupings are known as Collections.

Collect Hardware & Software Inventory

You have three methods of importing your computers into PDQ Inventory, manual entry, Active Directory, or a text file listing your computers.
To use any of these methods, from the menu, select Computer > Add Computers.
A window will open where you can type in the name(s) of the computers to manage, or you may select the Import or Active Directory buttons.

Dynamically Organize Computers in Collections

Group computers the way that makes sense for you. Computers can belong to any number of collections.
There are two types of collections; Dynamic and Static. Dynamic collections are populated automatically when a computer matches criteria that you define. Static collections are populated manually by dragging the computer object into the collection.


reboot required Group computers the way that makes sense for you. Computers can belong to any number of collections.

Create Scan Profiles

Scan profiles are used to determine what information a particular scanner will collect. For instance, PDQ Inventory has scan profiles that collect installed applications, or hot fixes, or registry values.
For some scans you may just want to have a quick scan and not wait for everything to be collected. For instance, if you just deployed an application and you wanted PDQ Inventory to reflect the new install, you could create a scan profile that just scanned for Applications and Computer Details. If you have hundreds (or thousands) of computers then you could cut down your scan time considerably.

PDQ Inventory Scanners in Inventory

Active Directory Applications Computer Details Disks
Displays Environment Variables Files Hardware Devices
Hot Fixes Memory Modules Network Adapters Printers
Registry Services Shares Users & Groups
Windows Features Windows Task Schedules

Application Details

PDQ Inventory

Software and Hardware Inventory Collection Tool

PDQ Inventory allows Windows admins to know the software and hardware installed on their computers

Release Date
July 12th, 2017

Memory Requirements
4 GB

OS Requirements
Windows 7, 8x, 10, or Server (2008x, 2012x, 2016x)

.NET 4.5.2 required, 4.6 recommended

Software and hardware inventory scanning