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How to resolve "Initializing" issue in PDQ Deploy & Inventory

Randall Pace|January 21, 2022
Resolved "Initializing" Issue in PDQ Deploy & Inventory
Resolved "Initializing" Issue in PDQ Deploy & Inventory

Shortly after January 2022's Patch Tuesday, the PDQ Solutions team started noticing an influx of support tickets. Customers reported that deployments and scans were hanging at the “initializing” step.

The problem

As part of Microsoft's January cumulative updates, KB5010265 was released, modifying one of our authentication APIs. This change caused connections to close before Deploy and Inventory could complete necessary tasks using the API. It was discovered that if the PDQ console machine (server) had KB5010265 installed and its target machines (clients) did not, communication would no longer work between the clients and the PDQ console.

The solution

Our amazing dev team quickly identified the problem and implemented several changes to resolve the API issue. After several rounds of thorough testing with our QA team and lots of feedback from our beta testers, we're happy to report that the issue has been resolved. The fix has been published to our stable release branch.

Wrapping up

Patch Tuesday is always good for a few surprises. Thankfully, our engineering team is ready to tackle any issues that arise in short order.

Randall Pace

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